Aerial Video and Photos of Moffett Field Hangar One De-skinning

With the speed of the demise of historic Hangar One at Moffett Field increasing, I decided to get some aerial images and video of the current state of the storied hangar. With permission from Moffett Field Tower, we orbited the 198 foot tall hangar and captured various angles of the US Navy Contractors removing the panels of the massive hangar. The panels are contaminated in PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) and need to be removed. But while the US Navy is tasked with their removal, it’s NASA’s responsibility to restore the historic landmark. But with the federal funds not allocated for the restoration, it’s unclear if we will be stuck with the world’s largest birdcage or not.  And while the pictures don’t do the Hangar’s size justice, know that it is 1140 feet in , 308 feet in width and 198 feet in height. In the video below you can see the how tiny the workers are compared to the hangar.

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  1. This is just wrong, history needs to be preserved not destroyed. Now will some glass abortion will be in its place? This was a great bay area icon.

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