AMC Rodeo 2011 – Cowboy Up Day 6a

One of the hardest competitions at the AMC Rodeo 2011 is the Maintenance Skills Competition. the Four man teams enter the 30 minute timed competition in the blind without knowing what they need to fix. With a wide varying range of issues that can go wrong in an aircraft, the Teams have to be prepared for anything. Team March stepped up to the challenge on Day 6 and with a throng of supporters knocked it out of the park!

Unbeknownst to the team from March ARB, they would face a simulated faulty servo on the aircraft that would need replacing.

 To keep the playing field level, each team would be issued the same tools. Ass soon as they were given the “Go!” signal, they did a quick inspection of their resources.

Then the teams hooked up their tools and an APU cart to the truck and wheeled it to the faulty servo.

Teams were judged for quickness and precision. They had to work as a team in order to work efficiently and get the servo fixed.

As two of the four team members setup the APU, the other two grabbed a stand to work on.


And as with everything that March ARB did during this competition, the rest of their squadron mates were there to support and cheer them on. Even though they were not competing in this particular even, they were there to let those that were know that they were not alone.


One of the more challenging parts to the competition was backing up the truck so it was as close to the egg as possible, all without knocking it over.

March got it pretty darn close… definitely within an inch of the egg.

And with a time of 22 minutes and 5 seconds, they were among one of the fastest teams to finish their tasks.


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