AMC Rodeo 2011 – Cowboy Up Day 5

Day 5 had us spending it at McChord Field for Rodeo 2011. After a much needed morning of sleeping in, we stolled over to Rainier Ranch and did some shooting of the arrivals and departures. One of the coolest parts of Rodeo is how each of the Teams cheer on their aircraft when they head out on a sortie. One of my favorite shots is of the 89th Airlift Wing cheering one of their C-37’s as it taxis past the Ranch.

We then spent the afternoon shooting the Foxtrot Ramp and it’s plethora of C-130’s from across the USAF and international teams from the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Pakistan Air Force, Swedish Air Force, Belgium Air Force, Spanish Air Force, Republic of Korea Air Force, and the Royal Saudi Air Force. Here is a sample of the day’s pictures.


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