High Resolution Endeavor

Recently I had a chance to collaborate with revolutionary photographer, Thomas Bunce of Riveting Photos on one of his ultra unique high resolution projects. I have been following his art for some time, and after my recent trip to Florida, I was able to work with him on an image of the Space Shuttle Endeavor just before its’ final journey to space.

Thomas took 11 of my overlapping 12.2 megapixel images and weaved them together to create a single ultra high resolution 41.9 megapixel image. This single stitched image has enough data to zoom in and view details that even NASA camera don’t capture.  To view our creation, click on the image of Endeavor below and experience it for yourself. See if you can find the word “Loaded” on the Solid Rocket Booster or check out the peeling paper on the nose of the Orbiter. Absolutely amazing!


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