Cops Care Cancer Foundation – Christmas Fantasy Flight 2010

Some would say that pure happiness can only be found in a child’s smile. If you asked anyone at this year’s Cops Care Cancer Foundation’s Christmas Fantasy Flight 2010, they would probably agree with you. I know I definitely would. The sound of a child’s laugh, children playing games, and the excitement of unwrapping Christmas presents would be enough to put asideĀ  any worries of hospital visits, chemotherapy, and financial worries.

Because for the 50 families in attendance, these are just a few of the worries that they constantly face on a daily basis in having a child with cancer or another life threatening disease.

But for one day out of the year, thanks to the Cops Care Cancer Foundation, these worries are put aside and the sound of laughter filled the NASA AMES Hanger 211 at Moffett Field.

Bright and early in the morning, 125 kids and their families joined 75+ volunteers at the Yahoo, Inc Campus in Sunnyvale to play games, eat, and start their day.

Unlike some charitable events, the CCCF doesn’t only focus on the children with illnesses, but include their siblings as well so they do not feel neglected. Each and every child there then got to climb into the over 20 emergency vehicles present from the San Jose Police Department, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, and Sunnyvale Fire Department, including police cars, fire engines, and even a S.W.A.T. armored vehicle.

The procession of vehicles and their VIP guests proceeded down the roads and freeway with lights and sirens wailing.

Traffic was stopped at each intersection by the motorcycle officers from Sunnyvale and San Jose as the motorcade zoomed on past. Even the President of the United States doesn’t command this sort of VIP treatment.

Upon arrival at NASA AMES, the children were greeted by their friends Winne the Pooh and Tigger.

Then each and every family received an ovation by all of the volunteers and Officers as they entered the “North Pole” for all of the hard work and courage that they face each and every day.

After that it was time for some fun and games until Santa Claus arrived.

A few surprise guest that came to cheer the children on were San Francisco 49ers’ Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Taylor Mays, Delanie Walker, and Coach Mike Singletary.

And with that it was time to welcome Santa Claus and his bag full of presents. Luckily he was given a ride by none of then the SJPD Air Support Unit in “POLICE 1”.

One of the many things I admire about this event is that the CCCF goes out of their way to find out what each and ever child in the family wants, and get’s Santa to deleiver that very gift. The smiles on their faces shows such happiness and masks the hardships of living with a terminally ill disease.

A special thanks to Brian Simuro and the rest of the Cops Care Cancer Foundation for putting on this event. To find out more information and to donate to this worthy cause, please visit:

For further images from this event, please click here:

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