Sky High in Chile – Day 13

Lucky 13! Well, my time in Chile has come to an end and it’s time to bid it a fond adios. It sure has been very bueno, but come 7am, it’s time to load up my bags onto our AZ KC-135R and ship off. Luckily it was dark and I had two seats all to myself. 🙂 Actually the real luck came in the form that we were actually going to be tanking 3 F-16’s on the way back to Carswell.

Our first tanking came just as the sun rose to the east and offered some nice soft light.


Now while I was still waking up, our uber cool Boomer, Tony, was at the top of his game!


As were the pilots too.


And before we rendezvous with the second KC-135 tanker to hand off our F-16’s to them, the -16 pilots formed up for a couple of pictures.



And then they were off…



Thanks for the company guys! See you in 7 hours! 🙂

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