Sky High in Chile – Day 5

Ok, first off let me apologize for not keeping this updated. For those of you who are reading this blog daily, you’ll notice that I’m a couple of days late. It’s been quite a busy couple of days, so I’ll keep the writing short and let the pictures do all of the talking. But I do want to say, that I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy hanging out with Americans. I know, it’s an odd statement to make, but let me put it in some context.


A few nights ago, my energetic PAO staff of 3 were burning the midnight oil once again, and thus leaving me to dine alone. They have done such a wonderful job of getting me great interview opportunities and all they can to get me any shots that I want. And shockingly, they have a bazillion other media requests and PA opportunities to schedule. Just to give you an idea, in the last few days, they have done over 10 full scale community outreach events, such as visiting orphanages, hosting tours for cancer patients from the Make a Wish Foundation, and organizing visits for community groups, such as local school kids. So needless to say, going out to dinner alone eventually wasn’t too surprising. Order food with a waitress that only spoke Spanish. Dinner was very non descript. Mistakingly ordering a half bottle of wine when I thought I was ordering a glass. And then being asked by the lady selling flowers if I wanted a hooker for the night, I thought it was best to just go home (alone). I didn’t think it best to wander around a foreign country alone in the dark. I’m too good looking to be a mule. 🙂

So the next day I was hanging out with the F-15E maintainers from Mountain Home AFB and they invited me out for drinks with them. Pretty cool I thought, except for the fact I had a 7am flight on a KC-10. But I decided to go out for a drink or two. And I had a blast! We went to a discoteca and had a couple of drinks, danced and had a great time. Now waking up at 6am wasn’t quite the highlight of my day, but you’ll read about that in my next entry. 😉

But the point is that hanging out with Americans from different parts of our country in this foreign land is pretty cool. We are all foreigners here and if we are lost, at least we are lost together. And we all stick together. It could have easily been another night where I had dinner alone, but these great group of guys and girls from Mountain Home welcomed me into their group and made me feel apart of their team. By day, they worked their asses off showing their jets to people who didn’t speak English; which by the way, is amazingly hard to do. Posing for pictures to people who think of them as rock stars, and having a smile for every new person. That one last detail left a major impression. The fact that they realize each person they meet is a chance at an everlasting impression. For everyone that came up, they have a fresh and energetic smile for them.


Ok, so it was a bit more wordy then I thought. So here are the pics from my day.











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  1. Hi, could you please send me one of the pictures you took from the pilot of the F15 demo and the students ?
    Thank you very much, and congratulations for your nice pictures and your blog.

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