My 1:400 Model Airport

In addition to photography, I love to collect die cast airplanes. Recently I just expanded my collection with 11 new 1:400 scale military models. 🙂 So I dusted off my plastic hangars and aircraft terminals that I built by hand and setup a diorama to take so pictures.


Above, you see my Gemini Jets US Navy C-40 aircraft.


The alert ramp on my airport. Show here are a pair of Dragon Wings US Air Force E-8 JSTARS, and a US Navy E-6 Mecury TACMO line up. Holding on the runway is a Dragon Wings C-5 Galaxy; waiting for an F-15 Eagle, F-117 Nighthawk, and a pair of C-130’s to taxi by. And in the background there are three Gemini Jets C-130s.


Here is a Dragon Wings NATO AWACS with the 50th Anniversary paint scheme taxing by the terminal.


A pair of Dragon Wings P-3C’s lined up on the runway.


A wider view of the terminal with my fleet of 737 aircraft; SMA USAF T-43 , Gemini Jets USN C-40, and a Gemini Jets 737-200 in the “Janet Airlines” paint scheme. These aircraft in their non descript all white with a red strip paint job are the daily fliers that shuttle workers to the Area 51 complex from the Las Vegas airport. Also at the terminal you can see a Dragon Wings VC-137 Air Force One, nick named “Spirit of ’76,” and a pair of USAF C-9’s from NetModels.

For an overview of my entire airport, click on the image below.


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  1. I just love the Airfield, don’t plan on any civilian planes, just military. At present I have 1 C5A, 1 E-8C J Star, both a KC-10 and 135, 1 AWAC, some 15 C-17s and about 20 C-130s.

    Any help on where you got your Airport would help out.


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