On the road with Sagar!

Hey Guys,

I know you were just asking yourselves, what’s Sagar been up to? 🙂  Well, I’ve been away all of November shooting some really cool stuff, and I just thought I’d share some of those images with you.


After months of phone calls, emails, and background checks, I was ready to begin an adventure of a lifetime.

First I spent a week in Las Vegas to attend the US Air Force’s 60th Anniversary at Nellis AFB. A showcase of the finest aviation aircraft from rare vintage planes to modern military hardware was on display.



Then I flew to North Carolina to go aboard a KC-135R Refueler from the 916th ARW based at Seymour Johnson AFB as we met up with a pair of F-16’s from Shaw AFB.  As usual, the Backy boys were rock solid and got me the shots I needed!



After that flight, the 4th FW at SJ AFB hosted me for a base visit to photograph their F-15E Strike Eagles.  Thanks for the hospitality guys!



The following day, thanks to the PAO and Wing Commander of the 916th ARW, I was able to go out to Pope AFB and shoot the reserve C-130’s and A-10’s. Once we got that flight line photo pass all squared away, it was smooth sailing.



And that wasn’t the end of it.  From North Carolina, I jetted down to San Diego to fly out to an aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan to shoot Carrier Air Wing 14 carrier qualifications.  Yup!  I actually got to land and take off from an aircraft carrier!!! 🙂  “PASSWORD 22, 3/4 of a mile, call the ball.”



Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them!   And a very extra special thanks to all the PAO folks who helped me get these images.  You know who you are!!!! 🙂  Without you incredible guys and gals, none of this would be possible.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to show off the fine organizations you represent.

And keep any eye out in the next couple of month on the aviation mags, and you’ll see some of these shots in them. 🙂 Or if you can’t wait that long, head down to your favorite Bay Area aviation museum. 🙂

3 Replies to “On the road with Sagar!”

  1. Sagar,
    I finally checked your site and you have some great stuff! Your carrier shots and base visit trip must have been awesome. Congrats,

  2. Thats it. You know how lucky you are ?????????????? I just looked at everyone of your F-18 shots from the Ronald Reagan shoot…WOW.

    I actually have some shots of some of the planes at Kingsley from the Reagan…I’ll have to hit you up and have you email me a picture sometime.

    You lucky SOB…


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