San Francisco Bay Tour

I am fortunate to live in one of the most photogenic places in the world.  But even the Golden Gate Bridge losses it’s shine after the millionth time you see it.   Sometimes you just need to see things from a different perspective.


This Saturday was a beautiful day. Low 80’s and not a cloud in the sky.  My friend asked me what I was up to.  Not much.  So he asked if I wanted to go flying in his Cessna 140.  🙂  Like there is any answer other then “Hell yeah!”

We took off and headed over to Half Moon Bay Airport.   Over the hills, and then turn base for landing.  We landed on runway 30 and flew over the harbor.  It was so beautiful.


We taxied to the transient line and then just walked around the little town.  Grabbed a soda, walked on the pier and soaked in the sun.  Then back to the plane.  Take off on runway 12 over the ocean, and then head north.

We then flew the coast up to San Francisco on the Bay Tour.  180’s over the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.


The city never looked so tranquil.

We then headed for the 101 corridor back to Moffett Field.


As we headed down we passed SFO off on our left side. Here is the United Maintenance facility where you can see two 747’s, two 757’s, a pair of 737’s and an A319.


An overview of International Terminal A where there are aircraft from Quantas, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin America, Cathay Pacific, and Sun Country.


On our way back down, we overflew Stanford Stadium where Washington was playing Stanford.  Washington ended up beating the Cardinal 27-9.


And then a couple of minutes later, we were on final to 32R at Moffett.


It really was one of the best flights I’ve done in a while.


Thanks to Mark and awesome Cessna 140 for taking me for a ride over my city by the bay.

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