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Well, it’s been a busy week so far. So what’s it like in Sagar’s World this week? Well, John, I’m glad you asked! Now let’s take a look….

Lights! Camera…… Action!!!

Monday: 3pm. Location – Vertical Motion Simulator at NASA Ames Moffett Field.
In the never ending challenge to make helicopter flying safer, a group of engineers are simulating the dangerous “white out” situations where, during landings or take off in dusty/sandy/ snowy environments, the down wash of the rotors kick up enough dust/sand/snow to make visibility zero, effectively blinding the pilots. The simulator is one of the largest in the world. This was also where my tripod broke. Nothing like the clanking metal sound of a bar hitting the floor during a multi-million dollar simulation.


5pm. Location – Flight line at Moffett Field.
Departing Moffett Field, 4 Air Force T-38’s are scheduled to depart on a very important mission: To fly over the MLB Home Run Derby in SF.


The plan. Start up and all 4 aircraft taxi to 32R and take off two at a time. Aircraft callsign is FOXY 31, 32, 33, and 34. Form up over the bay , fly over the park at the end of the national anthem, and land back at Moffett. But things sometimes don’t go as planned. As FOXY 31 and FOXY 32 lift off the end of the runway, FOXY 32 suffers a catastrophic engine failure and flames spew from the 2 engine. At this point, FOXY 33 and -34 are already on their take off roll. FOXY 32 levels out on one engine and safely lands while the rest of the flight does the flyover.


It was a bird strike. If you look at the 11-1 O’clock & 5 O’clock positions on the fan, you’ll see where the bird went through the blades.


Tuesday: 5:45pm. Location – Flight line at Moffett Field.
The National Anthem at the 2007 MLB All-Star game has just ended and 4 aircraft from the famous “Top Gun” squadron based off the movie of the same name screams over the cheering fans and heads directly to Moffett Field for landing. Two F-18’s and two F-16’s in a left eschelon formation scream overhead at 800 feet and execute an impressive carrier break. One by one they land, and shut down. Hop in the limo and get whisked off to the game. Not a bad life.


Wednesday: 1:00pm. Location – Flight line at Moffett Field.
Game’s over and time to go home. The roar of engines breath life into these beautiful steel birds. Switches are flipped, flaps trimmed, oxygen flows. Chocks off, clear the stick, salute the lineman, and taxi to the runway. TOPGUN Flight is cleared to take off on 32R. Light the fires and kick the tires!


3:00pm – Location – XXX, San Francisco
Accompany a couple lady friends to SF. 🙂 Rest of the story is classified.


That is all for now!
Sagar signing off….back to you John.

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