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Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver is the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre. A hidden gem of aviation in the Canada. Home to Harbour Air, Seaair, Tofino Air, and SaltSpring Air, which all serve the coastal communities of the pacific northwest. I spent a few hours watching countless take offs and landings of the seaplanes […]

Summer of Stealth – Spirt #571

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Stay on the blue line. Deviate and that means detection and potentially failure of the mission, or worse, death.  When the $2.2 billion dollar B-2 Spirit is called upon to provide the president and combatant commanders with flexible and effective strategic deterrence and global strike options, it does exactly that. And with style. The sleek, sexy, ominous, dark and […]

Summer of Stealth – Keep em flying

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

At $2.2 Billion dollars, the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit is the worlds most expensive aircraft ever built. It has more computers onboard then most small Silicon Valley startups. These computers control everything from flight controls, advanced radar and GPS, telemetry, and precise calculations for bomb calculations. And two very intelligent pilots in the pointy end […]

Summer of Stealth – Protect at all costs

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

When you have a plane that is a major asset to the nation’s global power and strategic deterrence mission, you protect it. When it costs $2.2 billion dollars, you really protect it. And when you have 20 of these aircraft in one place, you protect it at all costs. One such security measure is Boris. He is […]

Summer of Stealth – Boom, Bang, Hang.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Most people assume that in order to fly a USAF jet or bomber, that you need to be a great pilot, have an awesome moustache, or wear really cool aviator sunglasses. While all of that is 100% true, the very first qualification that you need to pass is to be able to fit in the […]

9th Intelligence Squadron

Friday, April 4th, 2014

A computer is just a tool. A collection of 1’s and 0’s. A wealth of information in a canister, and unless interpreted in the right way, a useless mosaic of bits and bytes. A plane is just a tool. No matter how high it flies, or where it goes, it is just a vessel. It […]

Welcome Home Warriors!

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

After 3 full days at the Transit Center at Manas, it was time to head back to Fairchild, Washington. And not just for me, but for a dozen Airmen that were stationed at TC Manas with the 22nd EARS supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.  With just days before Christmas, this was the best present any of them […]

22nd Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron, Refueling the Fight

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

After 18 hours aboard a KC-135 to reach Transit Center at Manas in Kyrgyzstan, I had my feet on the ground for exactly 38 hours before I would be back in the air once again. But this time it was different. This time, I would be on a combat mission over Afghanistan supporting the Operation Enduring […]

The Mission at Manas

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Half a world away sits an airman on alert duty. He’s waiting for the call so that within an hour, he’s airborne to refuel the fight over Afghanistan. Elsewhere there sits a Marine listening to his music knowing that in a few hours he will finally be heading back home to the United States. The […]

Journey to Transit Center at Manas

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

K…Y…R….wait what? Where is this place? Eastern Europe, Western Asia…no? Oh, near the Middle East…sorta. Yeah, guess the “Stan” part gave that away. Kyrgyzstan is a country nestled between some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, often compared to the majestic Rockies. And in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan lies a small airport […]

2013 Year-End Review

Monday, December 30th, 2013

With the end of the year on the doorstep, I’d like to share some of my favorite images over the past 12 months. I’ve been very lucky to have several unique adventures in 2013 and have made some great friends along the way. What a trip it has been! This year I visited 3 different […]

Where old planes go to die

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

On my way to a photo shoot in SoCal, I stopped by Southern California Logistics Airport (KVCV) in Victorville, CA and was astounded by the heaps of scrapped airplanes.  These majestic planes once ruled the skies, but now they lay waste in the warm California desert.   I saw planes from the 1960’s to the […]

Year of the B-52 – Day 3

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

The business end of the mighty B-52 is to deliver conventional and nuclear weapons. Sure it’s got a great set of pilots, and an world class Electronic Warfare Officer But at the end of the day, the BUFF is there to drop bombs. Day 3 at Barksdale AFB was a chance to see the various […]

Year of the B-52 – Day 2 Part 2

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

2058 Zulu “SKULL23 Flight, cleared for take off runway 33.” As the heavy B-52 Stratofortress in front of us released their breaks and lumbered onto Runway 33 at Barksdale AFB, LA, the Co-pilot of our B-52 started the ‘hack’ on the stopwatch. We would time our take off to be exactly 30 seconds behind the […]

Year of the B-52 – Day 2 Part 1

Friday, December 14th, 2012

You would think that an airplane 159 feet long and 40 feet high would have plenty of space. After all, it has 8 massive engines, and is roughly the same size as a jumbo jet. But the answer is that it does not have a lot of space. Well, not for people at least. When […]

Lost Coast SAR – USCG AS Humboldt Bay

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Jagged rocks, rough seas, and thick clouds are just some of the hazards in this part of the world. With over 250 miles of rugged coastline from the Mendocino-Sonoma County line north to the California-Oregon border, the men and women of US Coast Guard Group/Air Station Humboldt Bay provide a vigilant 24×7, 365 watch over the residents and mariners of […]

Alprazolam For Sale

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Alprazolam For Sale, Every two years, the best of the best from across the Air Mobility Command get together at Joint Base Lewis McChord. WA in an undisputed, rx free Alprazolam, My Alprazolam experience, winner take all competition that pits over 50 aircraft and 2,500 Airmen from across the world in a skills competion to crown the best of the best, ordering Alprazolam online. Real brand Alprazolam online, This year, I have the chance to observe the March ARB Team as they participate in the Air Mobility Rodeo 2011, where to buy Alprazolam. Effects of Alprazolam,

The morning began at 0430, where I pulled an all nighter and drove to March ARB to meet with Public Affairs and a few other Civic Leaders as we prepared for our week long adventure, Alprazolam from mexico. Online buying Alprazolam hcl, Our C-17 Globemaster was soaked in fog, but after months of preparation was ready for battle, Alprazolam dangers.

We would meet with the leadership of the March ARB and were told of it's importance of not only participating in a skills competition, but to also be able to learn from their colleges in the next week from across the globe, Alprazolam For Sale. Alprazolam price,

First held in 1945, the AMC Rodeo is a week long competition featuring over 2, cheap Alprazolam, Buy Alprazolam online cod, 500 competitors from across the globe. Over 50 aircraft (C-17, Alprazolam long term, Alprazolam class, C-5, C-130, Alprazolam natural, Alprazolam reviews, KC-10, KC-135, discount Alprazolam, Alprazolam no rx, C-160, etc) will fill the ramp at McChord Field and compete in contests such as air-to-air refueling, Alprazolam results, Alprazolam for sale, on/off loading cargo, aero-medical evacuations, Alprazolam steet value, Alprazolam from canada, low-level flying and air drops.

As we took off from March ARB, purchase Alprazolam online no prescription, Cheap Alprazolam no rx, our Team was already in the first event of the competition and would be judged on our landing. We had to land at McChord Field at exactly 10:05 am and within 3, get Alprazolam, Buy Alprazolam from canada, 000 feet of the end of the runway. Alprazolam For Sale, And delay in flight or lack of accuracy on the landing would cause our Team to lose points.

I'm proud to say that we nailed the landing, Alprazolam duration. Alprazolam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

It was a great start to what I know will be a great week. As soon as we got off the plane, buy Alprazolam from mexico, Alprazolam from canadian pharmacy,  Brigadier Gen. Rick Martin was there to greet us and give us a big welcome. That welcome was extended by the other teams that we ran into, Alprazolam dosage. Taking Alprazolam, But as friendly as they were, come the start of the competition, Alprazolam no prescription, Alprazolam without a prescription, it was game on.

Be sure to follow the March ARB Team on Twitter for live updates throughout the week, buy cheap Alprazolam. Where can i buy Alprazolam online. Alprazolam trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy no prescription Alprazolam online. Alprazolam pharmacy. Order Alprazolam from United States pharmacy.

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Carisoprodol For Sale

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Laying on my belly in the back of the KC-135 from March ARB Carisoprodol For Sale, at 20,000 feet, I stared out into a ominous grey cloud. Fast shipping Carisoprodol, I couldn't see the ground nor had any sense of depth or movement even though we were going 315 knots. It was like we were just in a grey void hanging in the sky, Carisoprodol use. Buy cheap Carisoprodol no rx, And to compound my fear, there was a thin coating of hydraulic fluid all over the Boom's window, Carisoprodol canada, mexico, india. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, It was like looking through a window coated in vaseline. Knowing that there was going to be an F-16 just 10 feet away from us, both of us bouncing around due to turbulence from the clouds, and the Boom Operator not clearly being able to see the plane was less then comforting.


But out there somewhere in the void was 8 F-16s from Luke AFB that needed fuel to complete their training, Carisoprodol For Sale. And one way or another, where can i order Carisoprodol without prescription, Carisoprodol without prescription, SRA Shawn Racchini, boom operator for the 912th Air Refueling Squadron, is Carisoprodol safe, Kjøpe Carisoprodol på nett, köpa Carisoprodol online, was going to get them that fuel. With nearly 5 years under his belt as a Boom Operator, about Carisoprodol, Carisoprodol wiki, SRA Racchini has been deployed oversees 5 times and knows how to get the job done.


Eight years ago, I went on my first aerial refueling flight with the a KC-135 with the 163rd ARW from March AFB, Carisoprodol without prescription. Carisoprodol overnight, During that flight, we refueled two F-16s from the 144th FW over the deep blue pacific ocean, online buying Carisoprodol hcl. Buying Carisoprodol online over the counter, Blue skies, blue ocean, Carisoprodol long term, Buy Carisoprodol online no prescription, and two sleek airplanes. Carisoprodol For Sale, Years and a dozen refueling missions later, I was back on a tanker based at March. But this time it was definitely less than ideal conditions.




The week prior to our flight our KC-135R had just returned from Bagram, discount Carisoprodol, Carisoprodol dose, Afghanistan and along the way, the Forward Air Refueling Pump on the Aft Body developed a leak, order Carisoprodol online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Carisoprodol no rx, The dedicated maintainers from the 452nd Maintenance Group fixed the leak and hosed out the excess hydraulic fluid as best they could in the oldest KC-135 based at March ARB. But unfortunately a small amount of fluid pooled in a corner of the rear of the aircraft and they could not get it all out, Carisoprodol canada, mexico, india. Carisoprodol pics, Once airborne, and the rear boom window open, Carisoprodol trusted pharmacy reviews, Taking Carisoprodol, this fluid would swirl around slowly coat the entire window that the boom operator had to look out of. It would take several flights to clear itself out over the next few flights. Unfortunately, one of those flights was ours.



After a thorough briefing with our pilots CPT Rick Adams and CPT Jamie Studer also from the 912th Air Refueling Squadron, we boarded the crew van and headed out to the KC-135. Maintenance had everything operational for the mission and we boarded the jet for the California/Arizona boarder.




With an uneventful take off, we cleared the SoCal Airspace and headed east to our aerial refueling track, Carisoprodol For Sale. On the horizon loomed the clouds that we saw in the weather report that would obscure the aerial refueling track, Carisoprodol treatment. Buy Carisoprodol without a prescription, But this was not enough to deter the 912th from completing it's mission.



Be it here in the United States, or overseas offloading gas so that aircraft could stay in the fight and protect the troops on the ground, low dose Carisoprodol, Kjøpe Carisoprodol på nett, köpa Carisoprodol online, the tankers of the 912th stood up to the challenge. The thing that impressed me was that on every other media flight that I had participated in, buy Carisoprodol without prescription, Carisoprodol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, the weather was immaculate, be it by chance or planning, Carisoprodol over the counter. Carisoprodol brand name, But this was the first time I had a chance to experience the less than ideal conditions that these crews faces constantly. Carisoprodol For Sale, It really hit home that the IFR conditions that they trained in combined with the "Yo-Yo Ops" (where one jet stays in the fight and the second comes up for fuel, and then they swap, ensuring continuous coverage for the troops on the ground) were analogous to the conditions that they flew in during wartime. Day or night, Carisoprodol use, Online Carisoprodol without a prescription, clear skies or cloudy, clear glass or blurred, order Carisoprodol online c.o.d, Fast shipping Carisoprodol, if that Aircrew could fly and if that Boomer could safely operate his refueling boom, then those planes were going to get gas that they needed.


Once we got to the aerial refueling track, is Carisoprodol addictive, Buy Carisoprodol from canada, we orbited the area and waited for the 308th FS "Emerald Knights" to show up.  CPT Studer and CPT Adams shared the responsibilities of flying the jet, buy Carisoprodol online cod, communicating with the Boom, communicating with Air Traffic Control and talking to the Fighters. A task not easily accomplished but handled with adept skill.


It was hard to see anything out the window as is, and the flying in and out of the clouds didn't help either. But eventually the first pair of fighters, callsign APEX, showed up.


What I didn't know was that the the 308th was one of the Air Forces top units that produced F-16 Instructor Pilots. So as the pilots took a break from their aerial dog fighting, they swooped up to the tanker and topped off with a couple of thousand pounds of fuel and got back to their valuable training.



Over the next hour and half, we had a total 8 Vipers from the 56th FW/308th FS come up for fuel, Carisoprodol For Sale. They had callsigns such as APEX, KNIGHT, and FLAG and each faced a daunting task of flying in formation with a heavy refueling tanker that could easily push it around as well as flying through clouds.


But our pilots handled the flying and the multiple radios, and the boom operator handled the aerial refueling and got the F-16s the fuel that they needed, despite the hydraulic fluid coating the window. And to top it off, one of the F-16 pilots was a rookie pilot and made his first trip to the tanker. Luckily he had his Instructor Pilot with him in the back seat as well as SRA Racchini to guide him through the challenging task of aerial refueling. But that was just another layer of complexity to the flight.




Then of course a few of the F-16s wanted even more fuel then they were originally allocated. This put CPT Studer in the difficult position to quickly figure out how much fuel they could spare the fighters and still maintain enough fuel reserves for the KC-135 to make it back to March ARB safely.


Carisoprodol For Sale, And as CPT Adams put it, "Today was a challenging day for everybody. But those 8 F-16s got the fuel they needed to complete their necessary training and our crew helped contribute to that."





Back on the ground, Lt. Col. Brice Middleton, Commander of the 912th put it best. "As busy as it was, with all of the problems you had, those are just issues that they [the aircrew] are going to face in combat situations in the real world in the AOR. Often times these crews are oversees talking to controllers who speak a different language and have to deal with a couple of different radios, including AWACS, ground controllers, the fighter CAP frequencies, so this was just a sample training mission for these folks, Carisoprodol For Sale. I'd rather much see it here in the United States in a controlled environment then to have them see something that busy and chaotic for the first time and not be prepared for it."


A special thanks to Ms. Linda Welz, Maj Don Traud, Mr. Brent Biggs, SrA Shawn Racchini, Cpt Jamie Studer, Cpt Rick Adams, and Lt. Col. Brice Middleton for all of their assistance. For the full set of images from our flight click HERE.

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Buy Lexotan Without Prescription

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, Fast forward two weeks and numerous potential launch dates, and it was time to fly back to Kennedy. You know you've been here enough times that you don't need a map to navigate to the routine spots, Lexotan from canadian pharmacy. Buy generic Lexotan, But with that familiarity came the confidence to get the shots I wanted. Unfortunately with two weeks passing, where can i buy Lexotan online, My Lexotan experience, the narrow launch window to send the Orbiter to the International Space Station (which moves 30 minutes earlier each day) went from a beautifully lit afternoon shot to a harsh back lit morning shot. And subsequently a very early morning for the Astronaut walk out, where can i buy cheapest Lexotan online. But the same was true for the RSS roll out, which was at night during the first launch attempt, but now would be basking in the warm Florida sun.

The media crowd had thinned out some, but was still a formidable force, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. Herbal Lexotan, We lined up for the usual bomb sniff dog search of our gear and boarded the bus to the base of the Launch Pad. With the sun shining and amazing clouds in the background, Lexotan reviews, Lexotan price, the shots were fast and furious!

Wide angles showing the people, tight shots of the detail of the Orbiter, Lexotan without a prescription, Lexotan interactions, and artistic shots of the special Tennessee river rock (used for its low friction properties to reduce the possibility of sparks as the Crawler moves from the VAB to the Launch Complex).

And before we knew it, it was time to board the buses back to the media complex, online buying Lexotan. Order Lexotan no prescription, While most of the people left and took off to get some rest and catch up on their stories, I stuck around in the hopes of catching one of the vans out to the launch pad to get some close up shots of the Orbiter.

There were a lot of media still waiting to get their remote cameras setup on the pad and in the vicinity, Lexotan samples. Cheap Lexotan,  And when it was over, there must have been at least 500 cameras in the vicinity of the pad, Lexotan alternatives. Each with a timer to awaken the camera just before launch and then a sound sensor to activate the shutter to get the shots.

Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, It was there announced that if we wanted to take shots of the Astronaut walk out, we had to be ready for the bomb dogs at 3:45am for the 5:11am walk out. Lexotan no rx, Which meant wake up at 2:15am and drive out to the Cape. A challenge I was ready to accept.

As I made that early morning drive, ordering Lexotan online, Lexotan pictures, body still on California time, my subconscious was pondering the possibilities of another delay, Lexotan from mexico. Lexotan blogs, Would it happen again and would I fly out for a third time. But a quick check and it was a 70% chance of a go, online buy Lexotan without a prescription. But as the past three weeks had taught me, this was all a lesson of control...or mainly that I was not in control of anything, and much like the astronauts aboard the Orbiter Endeavor, I was just along for the ride.

Flash bulbs went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July as the crew walked out, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. Lexotan dangers, Hundreds of media and NASA workers showed up in the early dawn to wish these six brave gentlemen a fond farewell as majority of Florida and the United States slept. They boarded their classic silver "Astrovan" to make the 20 min trek to their e-ticket ride.

And in the footsteps of these Astronauts, Lexotan australia, uk, us, usa, Lexotan price, coupon, we similarly boarded our bus back to the media center; albeit a much shorter and less nerve wracking ride then theirs.

With a couple of hours to kill before the targeted liftoff time of 8:56 a.m. EDT rolls around, effects of Lexotan. Lexotan pharmacy, But as time went on, an ominous layer of clouds formed over Endeavor, comprar en línea Lexotan, comprar Lexotan baratos. Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, But the ever vigilant 45th Weather Squadron from Patrick AFB kept an eye on the outlook as they do for ever single launch and landing. Lexotan maximum dosage, All forecasts said it was good to go!

The giant clock, located a mere 3 miles from the Space Shuttle ticked down, Lexotan for sale. Get Lexotan, T-minus 3 hours turned into minutes. The Launch Control Center, purchase Lexotan online, Real brand Lexotan online, located right across the street had given the green light for the Shuttle to make another attempt to take Cmdr Mark Kelly and his crew to space on this penultimate flight for the NASA Space Shuttle program. But it was no less exciting then the first.

A large speaker counted down, after Lexotan. T-minus 9 minutes and the countdown has resumed....T-minus 7 minutes Hydraulic power system (APU) start...T-minus 2 minutes Crew closes visors...T-minus 7 seconds Main engine start...3...2...1...Ignition, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. Lexotan description, The smoke plume was larger then I had ever seen. For a split second I hesitated and didn't press the shutter button on my camera, about Lexotan. Where to buy Lexotan, I was told that the actual lift off would not occur till seven seconds after the ignition, so I waited, cheap Lexotan no rx. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The flame in the viewfinder grew brighter and brighter. Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, It was like looking directly into the sun, but I didn't dare take my eye off of it. The rumble hit us as did the sound of the rockets turning fuel into pure power, buy Lexotan from mexico. Lexotan dosage, Higher and higher it went, and 22 seconds after the Solid Rocket Boosters fired, Endeavor went into the clouds and out of our view.

From what I'm told, that was the shortest viewing of any Space Shuttle launch ever, but for me, it was the longest I had ever seen. And knowing that there were six human beings setting out on the ultimate adventure made it all worth while. Hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe united together so that this mission could take off. This adventure was not about six human beings, but about the rest of mankind coming together and sharing in that ultimate adventure, travelling to space. In it's own way, this trip was my own little adventure. Travelling across the country, at the whim and mercy of nature and NASA, and wanting nothing but to witness the start of another groups journey. Granted my view was pretty nice, but I think their view is a little bit better.

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Deltasone For Sale

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Deltasone For Sale, With half open eyes, and in a semi-awake state of mind, I spotted the now familiar 52-story Vertical Assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center. It was three a.m, rx free Deltasone. Deltasone photos, eastern time, and I had just flown in the day before, Deltasone schedule. Deltasone street price, My body was wondering why I was just waking up when normally I would be falling asleep at this time. It was confused and for a fleeting second so was I, what is Deltasone. But then I saw the innocuous sign on the side of the road, Deltasone For Sale. Deltasone class, "Days till Count Down: 0." And a small smile crept across my face. This was finally the day I would get to witness history and create some of my very own.

But our story (and photo above) starts seventeen days prior, no prescription Deltasone online, Deltasone forum, where a small, but important group of components in the Aft Load Control Assembly No, buy cheap Deltasone. Australia, uk, us, usa, 2 (ALCA-2) caused the cancellation of the STS-134 mission launch 4 hours prior to launch, disappointing not only me, Deltasone cost, Deltasone steet value, but hundreds of thousands of spectators and especially six eager astronauts strapped into the worlds largest bottle rocket. But as I head someone at NASA say, buy no prescription Deltasone online, Purchase Deltasone online no prescription, we may not do it fast, but we do it safely, Deltasone duration. Deltasone For Sale, Knowing that a faulty ALCA would put the six astronauts in possible danger should have been an easy decision to stay off the disappointment of traveling half way across the country and spending hundreds of dollars on airfare, rental car, and hotel nights. Purchase Deltasone for sale, But along with those hundreds of thousands of others, I knew that their safety was more important then witnessing one of man's greatest accomplishments...a Space Shuttle launch, is Deltasone safe. Purchase Deltasone, So I put my disappointment aside and re booked my tickets to come back again for the next launch attempt.

Having only seen a launch on TV before, I was not sure what to expect, Deltasone natural. Buy Deltasone no prescription, Nor appreciate the full complexity to prepare six organisms made up of 60% water and fully dependant on oxygen into a vessel strapped to a glider that sits on 2.5 million gallon of highly combustible fuel making it the worlds largest roman candle.

The days leading up to each launch attempt, I was immersed into all things NASA, Deltasone used for. Deltasone from canada, Me and 800 other press from around the world gathered into one building and absorbed facts about the shuttle, it's multi-billion dollar Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer payload, Deltasone coupon, Canada, mexico, india, the intricacies of launch windows, numerous checks and milestones needed to proceed with a safe and successful launch, where can i order Deltasone without prescription, Deltasone online cod, and we all had a sideline seat.

We had sign up sheets to interview astronauts, press releases handed out several times a day, order Deltasone from United States pharmacy, Where can i cheapest Deltasone online, photo opportunities to view the major phases of the launch process. The later of which interested me the most, Deltasone For Sale. And since I was out there twice, order Deltasone from mexican pharmacy, Deltasone images, I got to know those processes very well. The four major photo opportunities were the rotating service structure(RSS) rollback, Deltasone results, Doses Deltasone work, the Astronaut walk out, and the launch itself.

The first week that I was there, where can i find Deltasone online, Deltasone mg, I was like a fish out of water. It seemed like controlled chaos, generic Deltasone. Deltasone no prescription, I knew where to pick up my press credentials, and then was able to find out the Press Center on my own, Deltasone recreational. Deltasone For Sale, But after that, it was just a whirr of papers and people. Purchase Deltasone, Luckily I had a friend to navigate me through the uncharted waters. Ben Wang, buy Deltasone from canada, Deltasone recreational, an accomplished photographer and fellow blogger from the Bay Area had arrived a few days prior and was able to show me the ropes. He guided me through the maze of contractors and everyone who had a part on the space shuttle or space station or was apart of the payload going up. My stack of brochures was getting taller and taller. But it was information that just barely told the story of the complexity of launching these six men into the darkness of space.

The first major shoot was the RSS rollback, Deltasone For Sale. This was set for 730pm, 24 hours before the scheduled launch. Since we would be less then a quarter mile away from the space shuttle on the launch pad, security was in full effect. Bomb sniffing dogs checked the equipment of the 100 photographers who would be transported to the site via official NASA buses.

We arrived a couple hours before to get screened, but alas, so did the volatile Florida weather. Quickly a Phase Two lightning strike warning was issued and we were told to clear any open space and get indoors immediately.

Initial estimates were that the lightning storm would pass within the hour. Deltasone For Sale, But that stretched to 6 hours. And so we sat in the bus watching the lightning strike all around us, illuminating the dark skies. But after midnight, the remaining few were taken out to see Endeavor unveiled. And what a striking sight it was. A beautiful white shuttle against a dark black sky bathed in xenon lights.

The hundred or so photographers jockeyed for optimal position. With the late night timing, we all needed tripods for our cameras, Deltasone For Sale. Which of course led to the occasional accidental bump of another tripod on accident in the darkness of night. With the long delay, lack of food, and sleep, I overhead a few interesting conversations with choice words, but we all go our shots in the end. Plus the entire RSS rollback took approximately 20 minutes. Here is a time lapse shot of  the structure moving.

And after just 30 minutes, we were taken back on the bus and set off to our respective hotels.

The next day would start less then 6 hours after we left. Deltasone For Sale, A short sleep, quick shower, and a stop at the 24 hour donut shop and I was back on my way to Kennedy for the 6am line up and search for the 11am astronaut walk out. We all jockeyed for position.

This would be the final time any of the astronauts would see people not directly associated with the launch. They walked out and were greeted like rock stars. Cheers, clapping, and a barrage of flashes from the international media.

They stopped for less then a minute in front of their 1949 AstroVan for a quick wave and then their fully armed escort, including a helicopter escort, was on its 20 minute drive to Launch Pad 39B.

It would less then 10 minutes later that they would get the news that the mission had been scrubbed. Some folks on the bus said they saw the Astrovan pass us on their way back to Life Support, but I did not.  But within 5 hours, the crew were on board their aircraft and flying back to Houston. I did the same not knowing when the next launch date would be scheduled. But I knew that when they did decide to go up again, that I would be back at Kennedy to witness history.

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