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The 2013 Reno Air Races – 50th Anniversary

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, the Reno Air Races put on quite a show and did not disappoint. The Race had a bit of drama even before the race started with 4 time champion Steve Hinton, Jr switching teams and flying Voodoo. This left legendary Strega being flown by Matt Hill. With Strega suffering a nearly […]

Five Weeks of Flying

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Been offline for over a month now, but not because I’ve been sitting idle. I have been very fortunate to be able to have gone flying nearly every weekend and when I wasn’t, it was an Airport-Funday. Because you know what they say, any day at an airport is a good day! And when you […]

Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark Airshow 2012

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Some of the coolest things are right in your back yard. One such example is the annual Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark’s airshow. Held every year in July, members of the SCCMAS share their passion of radio controlled aircraft with kids of all ages. From helicopters to jets to submarines, they had something for […]

Pride, Passion, Planes – A Day With The Patriots

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

  If you hear a plane overhead, and you look up to see what kind it is, then it’s safe to say you love aviation. And most of us can trace back to the when that love first started. And for me, like millions of others of children, it was at an airshow. A few […]

Buy Cardizem Without Prescription

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, Day two was setting up to be a busy one. Our goal was to squeeze in two flights and get an intro to Spins and Aerobatics. With the same format as the previous day’s flight, Real brand Cardizem online, we did a through briefing, hopped into the plane, Tim demonstrates a maneuver, Sagar demonstrates, my Cardizem experience, repeat, head back to the airport and then debrief. Cardizem without a prescription, It was hard to keep all of the information straight as each maneuver and flight built on the previous ones. But Tim was quite patient and reminded me that this was just an introduction.

The flight on spin recovery was actually the one I was most afraid of, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. Visions of the plane tumbling out of control had been dancing through my head all week long. Flashes of “Maverick” trying to reach for the ejection handle as he and “Goose” plummet towards the ocean in a flat spin were in my thoughts, order Cardizem online c.o.d. And I was going to be in an aircraft AND expected to recover??. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, But the reality was that this was a calculated maneuver. Cardizem price, One where I had an amazing airshow pilot watching out for me, and who always had safety in mind. We setup the maneuvers at a very high altitude so that we had time to recover, and Tim was always there to recover in case I was unable to, buy Cardizem online cod.

On the ground we talked about the various types of spins: Upright spins, flat spins, Cardizem results, accelerated spins, inverted spins, inverted flat spins, and inverted accelerated spins, Cardizem maximum dosage. But during the flight, we would only work on upright spins.

While trying to remember the exact flow, I asked what would happen if I messed up the order, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. Buy Cardizem online no prescription, Tim started to tell me about one student that he had. “I had a young guy who came in who had his own Pitts S-2B and said that he nearly killed himself doing a spin in his own airplane and he had no idea why it wouldn’t come out of the spin. He said by luck and the grace of god he came out of it but had no idea why and now he’s scared of his own airplane. So I sat with him and we talked about it and I realize what he had done, Cardizem over the counter. Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, First he was using the traditional spin recovery technique and not the emergency spin recovery technique and then he got it out of order. What he was doing was that he was trying to break the stall before he got rid of the rotation. If you are in a full spin with the rudder stomped in, Cardizem from canadian pharmacy, and lower the nose, it accelerates the spin tremendously. And this guy was lowering his nose first, accelerating the spin tremendously, purchase Cardizem, and he stomped on the opposite rudder, he was not getting out of it.”

So while this was all ‘fun’ to a degree, Cardizem mg, it reminded me that this was serious business. If I had actually been an owner of a Pitts or an Extra, I could easily see the benefit of taking a course like this. As Tim put it “the typical Private Pilot or even Commercial Pilot, doesn’t look at spins, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. The benefits are tremendous, order Cardizem from United States pharmacy, because when you start flying a Christian Eagle, Pitts, Cardizem gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Extra or something like that, it’s very easy to find yourself in a spin just due to a blown maneuver. So it would be naïve to buy or regularly fly an airplane like that without going through spin training. Because sooner or later, ordering Cardizem online, you can find yourself easily in these situations. As an airshow pilot, Cardizem coupon, I purposefully try to get myself in these situation because it looks cool. And I want to be able to consistently be able to recover myself from that each and every time.”

Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, But enough talk, it was time to get back in the air. After our safety check and making sure the area was clear of other air traffic, Tim demonstrated the first spin. Straight and level at 5, buy cheap Cardizem no rx,000 feet. Pull the airspeed to idle, Buying Cardizem online over the counter, back pressure on the stick to slow us down to nearly a stall, horn starts going off, kick in full left rudder, and away we went, low dose Cardizem.

The two things that have to be present to cause a spin were both there. Stall and yaw, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. A couple of turns and Tim recovered and we climbed back for my turn. What is Cardizem,

With Tim talking me through it, I entered the spin. Then it was like I actually knew what I was doing. Power to idle, Cardizem images, Remove your hands from the stick, full opposite rudder till the rotation stops, Discount Cardizem, neutralize the rudder, and recover to level flight. Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, Or so I thought. On my first attempt, I feed a bit of forward stick nearly causing us to enter an accelerated spin, buy Cardizem without prescription, which is harder to recover from because the rudder becomes ineffective. On my second attempt, Cardizem samples, I did better, but still, not quite there.

Return to base, debrief, water, bathroom, order Cardizem online overnight delivery no prescription, brief and back in the air. It was as if I was in the military flying back to back sorties. But if I was flying, I would want this former U-2 Commander watching my back, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. Cheap Cardizem, As we made it back to the practice area, I was reviewing everything that we had gone over in the past two flights.

Aerobatics was the ‘real world’ scenario where I would need to employ the unusual attitude and spin recovery. The goal was to quickly and efficiently recover from blown maneuver, purchase Cardizem online no prescription, without loosing excess altitude and gaining excessive airspeed (Vne), or end up nose high and stall the aircraft (and if I did, Online buying Cardizem hcl, then to stay coordinated and so I don’t turn it into a spin). Easy enough right.

Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, For our final flight, Tim was going to have me do a Loop, Cuban 8, Immelman, and a Hammerhead. While I had seen airshow performers do it countless times, this was going to be one of the first where I would be trying it myself, Cardizem canada, mexico, india.

Even the most basic of maneuvers, a loop, Cardizem blogs, was challenging for me. I started the maneuver at 160 kts and pulled back on the stick at 4 G’s. As I brought the nose up, I relaxed the back pressure on the stick, Cardizem no prescription, tilted my head as far back as possible and find “my line” which was a road on the ground to keep me on track through the loop. During the pull I was constantly looking left and right at the trailing edge of the wings and tried to keep them symmetrical on the horizon, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. If they were not both symmetrical, Cardizem brand name, then I had some extra bank in them and needed to compensate by adding rudder. As I floated the plane over the top, I started to gain airspeed and had to compensate by adding backpressure to the stick. And still looking left and right to make sure the plane is level and pull through the loop, online buy Cardizem without a prescription. The couple of times I tried it, I couldn’t keep a smooth nose track. Buy Cardizem Without Prescription, I was pulling too hard, too light and ratcheting the airplane instead of smoothly pulling through the loop. Is Cardizem safe, Guess I was not going to perform in any airshows this season.

We then continued though the rest of the three maneuvers. Ironically, Where can i buy cheapest Cardizem online, during the Cuban 8, I passed through the 45 degree line and ended up in a nose low attitude and had to recover. Unfortunately I did not recognize that until Tim told me, and in that one moment, buy cheap Cardizem, the value of this training was evident.

The final part of this weekend’s flying was that Tim was going to give me a taste of what it was like to be in the plane with him during his airshow routine, Buy Cardizem Without Prescription. Well, let’s just say that I have a new found respect for what he does and will never look at another airshow act without my stomach tightening and little beads of sweat forming on my forehead. So with the flick of the stick, we leapt right into it. Well, all I got through was the first 5 of a total of 24 maneuvers before having to call it quits. In the span of less than two minutes, Tim put me through a ¾ of a Loop with 1 ½ turns on the downline followed by a 4 point roll followed by a torque roll then a centrifuge, and a half Cuban 8. Imagine the coolest rollercoaster that you’ve been on and then multiply that by 100. And no, I did not lose my lunch.

If you are thinking of getting an aerobatic airplane or want a refresher course on safety maneuvers, or are a pilot who just wants to become a safer pilot, I highly recommend that you go fly with Tim Decker Airshows. For more information visit:

A special thanks to Tim Decker,  Dennis Pearson, David Salmassy, John Kluenker and James Baker for all of their help.

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Buy Alertec Without Prescription

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Buy Alertec Without Prescription, You look outside and all you see is the ground flying past you; greens and browns all blurring into one shade. A second ago you were performing an immelman in your new Pitts Special S-2B, and now you and your plane are in a spin hurdling towards the ground. Your instincts kick in, effects of Alertec, you pull the power back to idle, let go of the stick, Where can i find Alertec online, look over the nose and figure out which direction you are spinning, full opposite rudder, stop the spin, and recover.

A few weeks ago, Alertec long term, I had the opportunity to get a taste of flying a high performance aerobatic airplane with airshow great Tim Decker in his immaculate S-2B. In his 6th year of airshow flying, Doses Alertec work, Tim has perfected flying at the edge of the envelope and invited me out to his hanger in Lincoln, CA (KLHM) for a weekend crash course (no pun intended) of unusual attitude recoveries, spin training, and a taste of some basic aerobatics, Alertec dangers.

Originally meant for someone who is planning or has just purchased an aerobatic airplane such as the Pitts Special, a Christian Eagle, Alertec from canada, or Extra 300, Tim Decker Airshows offers a custom course on learning how to safely handle your aircraft by becoming familiar with safety maneuvers and techniques to recover your aircraft. But as Tim showed me, you do not have to have aspirations of becoming an airshow pilot to take advantage of this invaluable training; a simple private pilot’s license and the desire to become a safer pilot will do just fine, Buy Alertec Without Prescription.

Unusual attitude and spin recovery are maneuvers that were once taught to all general aviation pilots. But over time, Alertec interactions, the FAA dropped the requirement and left a vital hole in pilot safety. While some CFI’s talk about them, Alertec dosage, they themselves may only have a basic understanding of the maneuvers and how to recover. But flying with a professional pilot such as Tim Decker, who has logged over 5000 hours in both military and civil aircraft such as the U-2, F-117, buy Alertec without a prescription, T-38, RV-4, Alertec schedule, and the Pitts S-2B, and whose logbook endorsements include Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor Instruments (CFII), Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) ratings, fast shipping Alertec, an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, and a Level 1, About Alertec, Unrestricted Solo Aerobatics, and Statement of Acrobatic Competency License, is a guarantee of flying with someone who can teach you not only how to recognize, but to prevent and recover from these potentially fatal situations, Alertec steet value. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, According to a 2003 AOPA study, 28 percent of stall/spin accidents were fatal compared to other types of GA accidents. And while flying is a relatively safe activity, arming yourself with the proper training and tools to be an even safer pilot is common sense. Alertec reviews, And being a newly minted Private Pilot, I wanted to get an introduction to the proper techniques before I developed any bad habits of my own. Even though I am a new pilot, pilots with thousands of hours can find themselves in dangerous situation such as suddenly having to perform an upset attitude recovery for a wake turbulence encounter, Alertec without prescription, or sudden avoidance maneuver (impending mid-air) that results in unusual attitude or spin. So with my logbook in hand, Alertec use, I drove up to Lincoln for my weekend with Tim.

The plan was to simply get a brief taste of the three major components of Tim’s course, with the mindset of being a pilot who is interested in owning a Pitts or Christian Eagle, Buy Alertec Without Prescription. I would fly 3 flights in the Pitts and get and introduction to Unusual Attitude Recovery, Spin Recovery, and Aerobatics, comprar en línea Alertec, comprar Alertec baratos, with each flight laying the fundamentals for the following. Normally, Buy Alertec no prescription, each of these subjects would warrant 3-5 flights each, ensuring proper grasp of the fundamentals before moving on, but I wanted to get a feel of it all.

As I walked into the green hangar, after Alertec, the red and white S-2B sat calmly but looked like it was itching to jump in the air and let its’ prop take a bite of the sky. With a warm smile and hearty handshake, Purchase Alertec online, Tim welcomed me in. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, After a few minutes of small talk, it was time to get down to business. With the weather clearing up, we wanted to get up in the air as soon as possible.

First flight of the day was an introduction to Unusual Attitude Recovery, Alertec duration. Unusual attitudes are when the aircraft is in anything other than straight and level flight. Depending on the degree of the disparity, Where can i cheapest Alertec online, the application of recovery will vary drastically. The two basics that I was going to be introduced to was a “nose high recovery” where my nose is pointed nearly straight up and in a banking turn where I would be climbing rapidly and losing airspeed and setting myself up for a potential spin, Buy Alertec Without Prescription. And in the other situation, we would focus on a “nose low recovery” where the nose of my aircraft would be in a dive, quickly gaining airspeed and approaching the never exceed speed (Vne)of the aircraft and the ground, where to buy Alertec.

As I listened to Tim walk me through the two scenarios, he broke it down into the basic elements where I could understand why we were doing each maneuver. Alertec treatment, I will admit that it was a lot of information to take in, but using the models and explaining how we were utilizing the lift vectors to our advantage, I felt good to go.

So we pulled out the plane and I jumped into the front seat to get strapped in, where can i order Alertec without prescription. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, First I had to strap on the parachute’s chest strap, two leg straps, then the 5 point harness (two over the shoulder, two across the lap, and one in between your legs) and finally one more lap belt for good measure. Oddly the tighter the straps, the safer I felt. Alertec wiki, With a roar the engine came to life. Before I knew it, we were roaring down the runway and leapt skyward.

The benefit of flying out of quiet Lincoln, generic Alertec, was that we at our practice area within minutes. A few quick safety checks and clearing turns and it was time to get unusual, Buy Alertec Without Prescription. For each maneuver for the weekend, Alertec forum, Tim would first demonstrate it, then hand me the stick and I would do it. Easy enough right. Ohhhh nooo, Alertec from mexico.

Tim put the Pitts Special into an 80 degree nose high, 25 degree bank and told me to recover. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, Starring ahead at nothing but blue sky, I grabbed the stick and was ready to go through my recovery checklist. Alertec price, coupon, With my airspeed dropping really fast, I add power so I didn’t decelerate. Then I had to roll and pull the aircraft’s nose back down to the horizon (half ground, half sky), herbal Alertec, get to the horizon, and roll out to wings level. Buy Alertec from mexico, Easy enough right. Well, that is what I was supposed to do. Here’s what actually happened, Buy Alertec Without Prescription.

“We were doing a nose high recovery that you (Sagar) turned into a nose low one, Alertec no rx. What I (Tim) wanted you to do was roll and pull to the horizon, and then when you got to the horizon, Alertec pictures, roll out. Instead you rolled and pulled past the horizon. Then you partially rolled out and just kept going into a spiral. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, I think what you did was that you kept pulling harder and harder, and somehow got the lift vector past the 90 degree point and recovered. Luckily we were at 55-5600 feet, is Alertec addictive, and I was like ‘Ok, this is interesting.’ But you recovered.”

How I recovered, I have no idea, buy no prescription Alertec online. But apparently if you pull hard enough, long enough, Order Alertec no prescription, you’ll solve anything. Just kidding. Kids, don't try this at home, taking Alertec. Honestly I lucked out, because I could have easily turned that into spin, Buy Alertec Without Prescription. But save it for the debrief. Time for the “nose low recovery.”

Once again Tim demonstrated it, Alertec for sale, and then set me up for me to try it. Pull the power back. Roll wings level, Pull aggressively and briskly. Buy Alertec Without Prescription, Use the lift vector. If you pull too hard you will go through the stall and mush right into the ground. If you don’t’ pull hard enough, you risk hitting the ground. Easy enough right. Well, luckily I did much better at the two nose low attitudes that Tim threw at me.

Normally unusual attitudes would be spread out over 3 flights: first with some gentle ones, second with more aggressive ones, and third would be blown aerobatic maneuvers. But as we debrief and I just focused on absorbing as much as I could with the realization that I was just scratching the surface and not trying to go after perfection. It was a good time to end for the day.


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Buy Atomoxetine Without Prescription

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Every year the Hiller Aviation Museum Buy Atomoxetine Without Prescription, holds the largest all helicopter airshow on the west coast to much fanfare and celebration. In it's 9th year, order Atomoxetine online c.o.d, Atomoxetine pharmacy, the event was as strong as ever, with helicopter performances from the California Highway Patrol ASTAR, Atomoxetine from canadian pharmacy, Atomoxetine coupon, the California Department of Forestry UH-1 Huey, and a California Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook, purchase Atomoxetine online no prescription, Buy Atomoxetine from canada, amongst others. And as in past years, order Atomoxetine no prescription, My Atomoxetine experience, the headliner was the Red Bull BO-105 CBS Helicopter; capable of loops and rolls!!. Read more on my flight aboard that at:, Atomoxetine no rx. Atomoxetine dangers, Here are a small selection of images from the show; for the full set, please visit:
















img_2067, Atomoxetine used for. Online Atomoxetine without a prescription. Buy cheap Atomoxetine. Atomoxetine for sale. Comprar en línea Atomoxetine, comprar Atomoxetine baratos. Buy Atomoxetine without a prescription. Atomoxetine overnight. Atomoxetine over the counter. Atomoxetine photos. Atomoxetine brand name. Atomoxetine trusted pharmacy reviews. Atomoxetine without prescription. Atomoxetine street price. Where can i buy Atomoxetine online. Atomoxetine alternatives. Taking Atomoxetine. Purchase Atomoxetine online. Cheap Atomoxetine no rx. Atomoxetine schedule. Purchase Atomoxetine. Is Atomoxetine addictive. Discount Atomoxetine. After Atomoxetine. Buy no prescription Atomoxetine online. Australia, uk, us, usa. Atomoxetine from mexico. Canada, mexico, india. Cheap Atomoxetine. Herbal Atomoxetine. Atomoxetine price, coupon.

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Clobazam For Sale

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Clobazam For Sale, Imagine the biggest, fastest roller coaster that you have been on, and multiply that by 1,000!  That is what it is like to fly aboard Fat Albert Airlines, the United States Navy Blue Angels' Flight Demonstration teams' C-130T support aircraft!  And last week, I had a chance to fly aboard during the NAF El Centro Airshow practice day.


Growing up in the Bay Area and under the approach path to NAS Moffett Field guaranteed me two things. Seeing Navy planes flying all the time, Clobazam no rx, and knowing once a year, Ordering Clobazam online, the USN Blue Angels come through town for the annual airshow.  The main goal of the Blues is to promote naval aviation, and due to them, I developed my love of all things flying, Clobazam natural. And 23 years after seeing my first demo, Generic Clobazam, I finally had a chance to fly on one of their iconic blue and gold airplane. :) And if you think the 6 F/A-18 Hornets are the only ones that can put on a show, you're sorely mistaken, Clobazam interactions.


The day started early with me getting to NAF El Centro and watching the practice for the annual airshow, Clobazam For Sale. At 1230, Clobazam forum, I was to report to the Blue Angels administration building and meet with Public Affairs for my flight. As I walked up, Blue Angel #4, no prescription Clobazam online, Lt. Clobazam results, Mark Swinger, just happened to open the door, said hello and welcomed me in, Clobazam cost. My voice crackled and eventually words came out of my mouth and the Lt. Clobazam For Sale, escorted me to their waiting area. Low dose Clobazam,


There I stood in a room where the Blues Angels, Americas rockstar's of aviation, sat and relaxed, purchase Clobazam for sale. Next years prospective pilots were standing there just chatting away, Clobazam pictures,   a couple of Blue Angels postcards on the coffee table, old airshow posters framed and hanging slightly crooked adorned the wall, and a small microwave similar to the one I had in my dorm room was in the corner, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Instantaneously I reverted to a 7 year old kid about to meet a superstar, Clobazam trusted pharmacy reviews, because to millions of people across the world, that is exactly what these men and women are. They represent larger then life superheros that do death-defying maneuvers, online buying Clobazam hcl, calmly, Clobazam coupon, poised and above all, the epitome of cool.  And there I was, a 7 year old with eyes as wide as saucers, where to buy Clobazam, a grin from ear to ear, Effects of Clobazam, standing in their fortress of solitude.  :)  And after a couple of conversations, it was time to head to the vans and go out to our blue and gold aircraft for our flight briefing.

We were met by Gunnery Sergeant Ben Chapman and he gave us a walk around of the aircraft that is responsible of flying more then 40 maintenance and support personnel, their gear and enough spare parts and communication equipment to keep the 6 F/A-18 aircraft flying.  Fat Albert is staffed by an all-Marine Corps crew of three officers and five enlisted personnel and flies more than 140,000 miles each season, Clobazam For Sale.


And right before we boarded Bert, Clobazam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Major Brendan Burks gave us our main briefing and described the flight profile and conducted the crew briefing. Comprar en línea Clobazam, comprar Clobazam baratos, Now that was cool. I love pilot talk. :)


And then it was time to FLY!, Clobazam used for. Clobazam For Sale, I got to sit in the cockpit and witness the demo from that vantage point. One thing that amazed me was how many switches and buttons there were. Get Clobazam, In the cockpit sitting in the left seat was Capt Edward Jorge, right seat was Maj Brendan Burks, Flight Engineer GySgt Ben Chapman, what is Clobazam, and Navigator SSgt Joe Ally. Clobazam without a prescription, In the back we had Loadmaster SSgt Tommy Zureck, and two JATO Dogs AT2(AW) Meredith Ansley and AM2(AW) Marc Cobb.


And with all the preflight checks taken care of, Clobazam from canadian pharmacy, it was time to taxi and line up on Runway 30 for the Demo. And yes, that is a Hula Girl on the panel, Clobazam For Sale. Where can i buy Clobazam online, How cool is that??.


Da. Da-da, rx free Clobazam. Da-na-na-na-na-na. Clobazam For Sale, Hit IT. Clobazam mg, And with that, we leapt forward and started our take off roll. With the engines already reved up, buy generic Clobazam, we were pressed back into our seats.  At 130 mph, Buy cheap Clobazam no rx, Capt Jorge and Maj Burke slowly pulled back on the stick and got us airborne and GySgt Chapman called out our altitude above the ground as the gear was retracted......6 feet, 5 feet, 4 feet, my Clobazam experience, 4 feet.....and built our airspeed up to 180mph!  180 miles per hour and only 4 feet off the ground!!. Clobazam recreational,


And with that the nose was yanked back into a steep climb 45 degree climb to simulate taking off from a hostile field and evading small arms fire.


And at the top of our climb at 1,000 feet, Clobazam dangers, the pilots pushed the stick forward and we entered Zero G weightlessness. Anything not strapped down floated in the air, Clobazam For Sale. Clobazam street price, As you can see in the images below, Navigator SSgt Joe Ally is floating up out of his seat as a laminated checklist floats by his head.


Then it's time to yank and bank, where can i order Clobazam without prescription. The C-130 is by no means a small aircraft, Australia, uk, us, usa, but when put into the skilled hands of these US Marine Corp pilots, it danced in the sky. At times we were doing 60 degree banks no more then a hundred feet off the ground as we returned to show center for our passes, Clobazam duration.


The first pass is the Parade Pass where we came back at 200 feet and give the crowd a nice flash of the wings and then roll into a right turn and go wings level


Clobazam For Sale,  Then roll into a right turn and go wings level.


And setup for the Flat Pass which is 370 mph at 60 feet off the ground. Is Clobazam addictive,


Then roll right once again for the Min Radius Turn where we setup to come right towards the crowd at 100 feet, and right before we pass the crowd, we pitch up 20 deg nose up, Clobazam dosage, left down wind to the Push To Land. Clobazam description,


As Maj Burke described it, "Push to land is basically simulating us going into a hostile environment...staying as high as we can to avoid small arms fire, and then we are going to push the aircraft 25 deg nose down and land at about 1,500 feet. 25 deg nose down is about 8 times what you would feel in a standard jet liner. It's going to be kind of a firm landing today, Clobazam For Sale. I'm going to pick a point and that's pretty much where we are going to land so if we get a soft landing, that's great, but if not, I don't really care because I am trying to land exactly where I point the nose of my aircraft. We are going to get this 100,000 lbs aircraft to a stop in about 1,500 feet. You will hear the anti-skid breaks and smell them a bit too which is completely normal."  The folks on the hay bales sure must have had quite a site as we dived right at them. Maj Burke joked that we might have caused a few of the photographers to jump off the bales.


Clobazam For Sale, And with that the flight was over, and SSgt Joe Ally climbed over me and hoisted the Red, White, and Blue as we taxi'd back to the ramp.


Then the entire crew lined up for a few photos with the lucky passengers. The maneuvers that we did were no different then the ones done in the fleet. Being able to hear the communications during the entire flight, I saw first hand the cooperation between all the aircrew to make this a safe flight. To the average spectator on the ground, this may have seemed like "dangerous maneuvers" but to those men and women on board, this was just another day in the Corps.


My sincerest thanks to Capt Edward Jorge, Maj Brendan Burks, GySgt Ben Chapman, SSgt Joe Ally, SSgt Tommy Zureck, AT2(AW) Meredith Ansley, AM2(AW) Marc Cobb, Capt Tyson Dunkelberger, and especially MC1 (AW/SW) Joseph Reynoso for helping this 7 year old achieve a life long dream.

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Buy Prednisone Without Prescription

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Buy Prednisone Without Prescription, Hello everyone.  Warm weather and blue skies can only mean one thing; it's airshow season once again.  And here in the Bay Area, the first major airshow of the year is Vertical Challenge at the Hiller Aviation Museum.  The largest all helicopter airshow in the United States bring some serious rotor power with it each year.  This years headline act was the Red Bull BO-105 CBS helicopter, flown by the incredible Chuck Aaron.  The only FAA licensed person to perform acrobatics in a helicopter, Chuck wows the crowds with his loops, rolls, and Cuban 8's in an amazing display of precision and control.  And I had a chance to be one of the small handful of people to actually go inverted in a helicopter, and survive. Buying Prednisone online over the counter, :)

Today's post is the first in a new series of entries entitled "Behind The Camera", which will break down the anatomy of a particular shot.  This shot just happened to land on the cover of the upcoming issue of In Flight USA, buy Prednisone from canada. Online Prednisone without a prescription,


Here is an excerpt from the article of the same title.

In Flight USA Associate editor, online buy Prednisone without a prescription, Prednisone blogs, Sagar Pathak, got a chance to do something only a small handful of people in the world have gotten to do: fly upside down in a helicopter, Prednisone mg. Prednisone wiki, Red Bull gave Pathak and opportunity at this years Vertical Challenge 2008 Airshow, the largest helicopter airshow in the United States, low dose Prednisone, Buy Prednisone online no prescription, to go for the ride of a lifetime in their Eurocopter BO-105 CBS. Pilot Chuck Aaron holds the distinction as the only pilot licensed in the United States to fly aerobatics in a helicopter, and took Pathak over the Santa Cruz Mountains for some loops and rolls Red Bull style, Buy Prednisone Without Prescription. With the helicopter pulling positive 3.1 Gs and negative 1.0 Gs, Prednisone description, Prednisone photos, it made capturing a dynamic image that much more of a challenge. The cover shot was taken with a Canon 40D with an EF-S 10-22mm f/2.5-4.5 lens at 10mm (giving you a 107 degree field of view) and a 550EX external flash, Prednisone forum. Where can i cheapest Prednisone online, In order to capture the perfect exposure, a flash fill technique was employed, australia, uk, us, usa. After Prednisone, The camera was put in Manual mode with an exposure of 1/250 sec at f/10 to properly expose for scenery outside of the helicopter. The external flash then provided the necessary illumination to light up Chuck and the cockpit, Prednisone pics, Cheap Prednisone no rx, thus properly balancing the inside and outside exposure. Now do that while looping and rolling; factor in the G forces (at 3.1 Gs, buy no prescription Prednisone online, Prednisone results, your 3 pound camera becomes a very heavy 9.3 pounds) and centripetal forces pulling the 9 pound camera away from your body, and you have a challenging shot, order Prednisone from mexican pharmacy. Taking Prednisone, But with hours of doing acrobatics while taking pictures in his logbook, Pathak was able to pull off this amazing cover shot, cheap Prednisone. Prednisone no prescription,



For the rest of the images from Vertical Challenge 2008, click here:

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Buy Tramadol Without Prescription, Hey Guys,

I know you were just asking yourselves, what's Sagar been up to. :)  Well, Tramadol samples, Order Tramadol from United States pharmacy, I've been away all of November shooting some really cool stuff, and I just thought I'd share some of those images with you, buy no prescription Tramadol online. Tramadol overnight,


After months of phone calls, emails, kjøpe Tramadol på nett, köpa Tramadol online, Tramadol steet value, and background checks, I was ready to begin an adventure of a lifetime, online buying Tramadol. Tramadol long term, First I spent a week in Las Vegas to attend the US Air Force's 60th Anniversary at Nellis AFB. A showcase of the finest aviation aircraft from rare vintage planes to modern military hardware was on display, Tramadol from canadian pharmacy.


Then I flew to North Carolina to go aboard a KC-135R Refueler from the 916th ARW based at Seymour Johnson AFB as we met up with a pair of F-16's from Shaw AFB.  As usual, the Backy boys were rock solid and got me the shots I needed, Buy Tramadol Without Prescription. Tramadol pharmacy,


After that flight, the 4th FW at SJ AFB hosted me for a base visit to photograph their F-15E Strike Eagles.  Thanks for the hospitality guys, canada, mexico, india. Where can i buy Tramadol online,


The following day, thanks to the PAO and Wing Commander of the 916th ARW, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy generic Tramadol, I was able to go out to Pope AFB and shoot the reserve C-130's and A-10's. Once we got that flight line photo pass all squared away, Tramadol results, What is Tramadol, it was smooth sailing.


And that wasn't the end of it.  From North Carolina, Tramadol over the counter, Tramadol forum, I jetted down to San Diego to fly out to an aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan to shoot Carrier Air Wing 14 carrier qualifications.  Yup!  I actually got to land and take off from an aircraft carrier!!, Tramadol without a prescription. Buy Tramadol Without Prescription, :)  "PASSWORD 22, 3/4 of a mile, call the ball."


Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them!   And a very extra special thanks to all the PAO folks who helped me get these images.  You know who you are!!!. Real brand Tramadol online, :)  Without you incredible guys and gals, none of this would be possible.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to show off the fine organizations you represent, Tramadol recreational. Tramadol no prescription, And keep any eye out in the next couple of month on the aviation mags, and you'll see some of these shots in them, Tramadol used for. Online buying Tramadol hcl, :) Or if you can't wait that long, head down to your favorite Bay Area aviation museum, purchase Tramadol for sale. Order Tramadol no prescription, :). Rx free Tramadol. Online Tramadol without a prescription. Tramadol canada, mexico, india. Tramadol dosage. Tramadol reviews. Tramadol without prescription. My Tramadol experience. Buy Tramadol from mexico. Tramadol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Tramadol online cod. Cheap Tramadol. Fast shipping Tramadol. Purchase Tramadol. Buying Tramadol online over the counter.

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Buy Cephalexin Without Prescription, I was preparing for an air to air photo shoot that I have coming up and came across these old shots.  Not sure if anyone actually reads this blog, but on the off chance you do, Enjoy.


During the last Moffett Field Airshow, Cephalexin photos, About Cephalexin, I had a chance to go up with the 196th ARS "Grizzlies" from the 163 ARW based at March AFB to refuel a couple of planes enroute to the show.  Well, when we got there, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Where can i buy cheapest Cephalexin online, we found out that it was the USAF Thunderbirds.  Definitely a rarity as you won't see many shots of them doing air to air or taking off the KC-135.

So we flew out from Moffett Field and rendezvoused with them somewhere over Nevada on an unknown refueling track, Cephalexin coupon. Buy Cephalexin no prescription, They flew up directly from their home base of Nellis AFB.  One by one these shiny red, white and blue F-16s made contact with our KC-135 and gobbled up thousands of pounds of gas, Cephalexin alternatives. Cephalexin wiki, tbird6_bl.jpg

And of course them being the fine performers that they are, they treated us to a beautiful formation of the famous Thunderbird Diamond, buy Cephalexin without a prescription. Comprar en línea Cephalexin, comprar Cephalexin baratos, tbird_ar_diamond1_bl.jpg

Hope you enjoyed. :)  Thanks for looking, order Cephalexin from mexican pharmacy. Doses Cephalexin work. Cephalexin images. Taking Cephalexin. Where can i cheapest Cephalexin online. Cheap Cephalexin no rx. Where can i order Cephalexin without prescription. Buy Cephalexin online cod. Purchase Cephalexin online. Low dose Cephalexin. Cephalexin no rx. Cephalexin trusted pharmacy reviews. Cephalexin treatment. Buy Cephalexin online no prescription. Is Cephalexin addictive. Cephalexin mg. Cephalexin from canada. Buy cheap Cephalexin. Canada, mexico, india. Real brand Cephalexin online. Buy Cephalexin from canada. Cephalexin interactions. Cephalexin maximum dosage. Order Cephalexin from United States pharmacy. Cheap Cephalexin no rx. Doses Cephalexin work. Kjøpe Cephalexin på nett, köpa Cephalexin online. Online Cephalexin without a prescription. Cephalexin overnight. Rx free Cephalexin.

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Friday, October 19th, 2007

Buy Mefenorex Without Prescription, Hello from a sunny San Diego!. Well, Mefenorex cost, Mefenorex price, coupon, the MCAS Miramar Airshow has officially started. Last week I got a chance to do a photoshoot with none other then Sean D, Mefenorex wiki. Ordering Mefenorex online, Tucker over the skies of San Diego.


Well, is Mefenorex safe, Mefenorex trusted pharmacy reviews, actually Sean and the plane I was flying in, an Extra 300 piloted by his son Eric, what is Mefenorex, No prescription Mefenorex online, were the subject for the cover of the San Diego Tribune.



But I decided to take more of an active role by being in the aircraft that was doing the acrobatics, Buy Mefenorex Without Prescription. :) Armed with my wide angle lens, Mefenorex no rx, Comprar en línea Mefenorex, comprar Mefenorex baratos, off we went. Tight formations, order Mefenorex online overnight delivery no prescription, Mefenorex long term, down low and sometimes inverted, we got the shots, Mefenorex class. Mefenorex alternatives, img_8888.jpg


And after that was done, it was time for a little fun, Mefenorex results. Fast shipping Mefenorex, Sean and Eric took me just off the coast and we did a little acrobatic formation flying. Buy Mefenorex Without Prescription, A few loops, some negative and some positive G's, dancing under the clouds, it was sweet. These guys are amazing, online buying Mefenorex. Where can i buy cheapest Mefenorex online, img_9027_1.jpg



A very special thanks to Eric, Sean, after Mefenorex, Buy cheap Mefenorex no rx, and Brian for an amazing time. And see Sean, Mefenorex street price. Mefenorex steet value, I didn't puke. :)

View pictures from my ride with Team Oracle and the MCAS Miramar Airshow here, where can i order Mefenorex without prescription. Mefenorex used for. Mefenorex recreational. Effects of Mefenorex. Herbal Mefenorex. Mefenorex schedule. Buy Mefenorex without prescription. Online buying Mefenorex hcl. Order Mefenorex online c.o.d. Mefenorex coupon. Buy generic Mefenorex. Mefenorex dosage. Buy Mefenorex online cod. Purchase Mefenorex for sale. Mefenorex use. Mefenorex photos. Cheap Mefenorex. Mefenorex blogs.

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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Buy Cialis Without Prescription, During this years MCAS Airshow, I had an opportunity to take some shots of the world famous US Army Golden Knights Parachute team aboard their C-31A Friendship aircraft.  It was a thrill and an honor to be be able to witness first hand the precision and 'behind the scences' action that goes into a mass formation jump. Cialis images,


Two teams, Black and Gold, order Cialis from mexican pharmacy, Cialis natural, travel across the United States performing aerial demonstrations for the public.  We were lucky to see the Gold team in action at Miramar.  The morning started off with light showers and there was a threat of canceling the jumps due to low clouds.   Since safety is the Teams number one concern, Cialis description, Buy Cialis from mexico, and the cloud ceiling at 1,000 feet, buy Cialis no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it wasn't looking good.  But the Team continued with their 'dirt dive' (practice dive on the ground) and we waited for the clouds to part.


Maybe it was because it was my birthday, Cialis dose, Taking Cialis, or maybe the parachute gods were smiling down on us, but whatever it was, where can i cheapest Cialis online, Is Cialis safe, the rain stopped and the clouds lifted.  2,000 feet and we had our minimum ceiling for jumping, canada, mexico, india. Where can i cheapest Cialis online, img_9390.jpg

And off we went.  Circle slowly to our jump altitude of 2,000 feet.  This is the absolute minimum that the Golden Knights can safely jump at and still have time for their parachutes to open.  Normally jumps are done from 12, Cialis interactions, Cialis from mexico, 000-15,000 feet and aerial maneuvers are demonstrated to the crowd below.  But today, Cialis treatment, Cialis from canada, it's just get out, and pop the chute.  No room for mistakes.  Clear your mind and concentrate, Cialis long term.


As we climb to our jump altitude, Hal and SFC Meyers watch streamers that were just released to gauge wind conditions that will affect their jump into the landing zone, Buy Cialis Without Prescription. My Cialis experience,


Hal gives precise hand signals to the pilots to make the final adjustments so they are in the correct position for their jump.


And on the final pass, effects of Cialis, Comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, green light, chutes in hand, is Cialis addictive, Cialis recreational, and off they go.



In addition to their normal show, order Cialis from United States pharmacy, Cialis class, the Golden Knights also perform an amazing night show, complete with pyrotechnics, Cialis price. Cheap Cialis,


A special thanks to Sergeant First Class Khalida "Hal" Hendricks for all her help!  And Happy Birthday to you once again. I'm still older by 1 day, about Cialis. Doses Cialis work, :)


View pictures from my ride with the Golden Knights and the MCAS Miramar Airshow here. Kjøpe Cialis på nett, köpa Cialis online. Cialis pics. Cialis reviews. Get Cialis. Cialis no rx. Where can i order Cialis without prescription. Cialis price, coupon. Fast shipping Cialis. Where can i buy Cialis online. Purchase Cialis online. Online buy Cialis without a prescription.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, Fightertown USA baby. Camazepam photos, Well, the 'cats and the Navy are long gone, where to buy Camazepam, Rx free Camazepam, but the sound of jets sure aren't. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Camazepam mg, Generic Camazepam, home to 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, now puts on the largest airshow on the west coast each and every year, Camazepam pharmacy. Online Camazepam without a prescription, And after a 3 year hiatus, I had the fortune of attending this show, Camazepam pictures. Order Camazepam from mexican pharmacy,


This year, with the US Air Force celebrating it's 60th Anniversary, purchase Camazepam for sale, Camazepam images, brought the USAF Thunderbirds back to Miramar after a 35 year absence. But as attractive as the Thunderbirds are, the true stars are the local Marine aircraft and helicopters, Buy Camazepam Without Prescription. The highlight of the show has always been the MAGTAF Demo, where can i buy cheapest Camazepam online. Camazepam description, 2 F/A-18D Hornets, 2 AV-8B Harriers, where can i find Camazepam online, Discount Camazepam, 2 KC-130 Hercules, UH-1 Huey, after Camazepam, What is Camazepam, 2 Ch-53E Super Stallions, 2 AH-1W Cobra, buy Camazepam without a prescription, Camazepam dosage, and 3 CH-47 Sea Nights. Toss in some pyro and some tanks and you have one impressive demonstration, real brand Camazepam online. Camazepam canada, mexico, india, img_2301.jpg









For more pictures, check out my MCAS Miramar Gallery, online buying Camazepam. Camazepam for sale. Buy Camazepam online cod. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Camazepam online overnight delivery no prescription. Camazepam no prescription. No prescription Camazepam online. Camazepam natural. Camazepam without prescription. Order Camazepam no prescription. Camazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Camazepam blogs. Herbal Camazepam. Camazepam samples. Camazepam over the counter. Purchase Camazepam online no prescription. Camazepam australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Camazepam without prescription. Camazepam use.

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Adipex-P For Sale, September 28 - 30 brought around the sound of jets to the Salinas valley. With a stellar line up, Adipex-P samples, Adipex-P forum, this show was built for noise and the smell of jet fuel. And what better machine to have jet fuel pumping through it's veins and steel skeleton, fast shipping Adipex-P, Adipex-P trusted pharmacy reviews, then 6 Blue and Gold US Navy jets!!.


But before they could fly, Adipex-P class, Is Adipex-P safe, ladies and gentleman, from your right, get Adipex-P, Purchase Adipex-P online no prescription, you're United States Marine Corp FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Albert.



United States Navy Blue Angels



And of course the F/A-18A's big brother, where to buy Adipex-P, Buy Adipex-P online no prescription, the F/A-18F Super Hornet from VFA-122 strutting its stuff.


And of course, buy Adipex-P from mexico, Adipex-P maximum dosage, the reason this is an "International" airshow, the Canadian Air Forces Snowbirds, my Adipex-P experience. Adipex-P online cod, sns_snowbirds1_w.jpg. Low dose Adipex-P. Adipex-P from canada. Adipex-P reviews. Buy no prescription Adipex-P online. Adipex-P brand name. Adipex-P interactions. Adipex-P mg. Adipex-P pictures. About Adipex-P. Comprar en línea Adipex-P, comprar Adipex-P baratos. Kjøpe Adipex-P på nett, köpa Adipex-P online. Adipex-P overnight. No prescription Adipex-P online. Adipex-P cost. Adipex-P for sale. Adipex-P coupon. After Adipex-P. Adipex-P pics. Adipex-P gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Adipex-P online c.o.d. Adipex-P use. Adipex-P photos. Adipex-P without a prescription. Is Adipex-P addictive. Adipex-P results. Adipex-P no prescription.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Stilnox For Sale, With the nickname of Barney, the last thing you associate with this plane is being sexy. Stilnox over the counter, But after 90 minute aboard this beast, even Fred would change his mind, Stilnox wiki. Herbal Stilnox, Measuring 174 feet long with a wingspan of 169 feet, 10 inches and pumping out a fierce 161, where can i cheapest Stilnox online, Doses Stilnox work, 760 pounds of thrust, I got a chance to ride with the C-17 West Coast Demo Team from the 452nd AMW at March AFB, Stilnox from mexico. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,


Flying directly in from March AFB, SLAM 86, online buying Stilnox hcl, Stilnox australia, uk, us, usa, piloted by Lt. Col, Stilnox images. Tim Harris makes this plane dance like a ballerina on stage, Stilnox For Sale. Generic Stilnox, img_8461.jpg

Negative SLAM 86, the pattern is full!!, ordering Stilnox online. Stilnox natural, Once the plane finishes its orientation flights above the skies of Santa Rosa, it gracefully lands and taxis towards us, online buy Stilnox without a prescription. Stilnox duration, So the 20 or so other media and myself are escorted to the aircraft for a hot loading. That is when the aircraft does not shut it's engines off and still we board the aircraft, where can i buy Stilnox online. Stilnox For Sale, After everyone gets strapped in, our uber cool PAO, Amy Abbott notifies me that I've been selected to sit in the cockpit jumpseat with the pilots for the take off. Discount Stilnox, Having had the honor of working with the Demo team last year, I ran on up and greeted Tim and John, order Stilnox from United States pharmacy. Order Stilnox from mexican pharmacy, img_8043.jpg

Belts on, headset on, Stilnox blogs, Order Stilnox online overnight delivery no prescription, flaps down, engine to max, Stilnox long term, Stilnox price, brakes released, and off we go, buy Stilnox without prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Stilnox online, img_9098.jpg

Once we were in the air we could move around freely. The -17 is incredibly spacious and can fit 170, Stilnox class, Ordering Stilnox online, 900 pounds of cargo.


Our proposed flight plan took us due west from Santa Rosa, CA towards the pacific, buy generic Stilnox, Stilnox use, down the coast towards Monterey and back to Santa Rosa.



While this planes primary mission is to carry cargo, it is quite nimble for its size, Stilnox For Sale. Here we are in a 45 degree left turn to avoid traffic, Stilnox without prescription. Stilnox from canada, img_8336.jpg

As our flight nears its end, we line up for Runway 14 at STS, buy Stilnox no prescription. Stilnox alternatives, With a length of 5115 feet and 150 feet wide, we have more then enough room to land this behemoth, buy Stilnox without prescription. Effects of Stilnox, The C-17 is capable of landing on runways as short as 3,500 feet and only 90 feet wide, online buying Stilnox hcl. Stilnox For Sale, As the rest of the media sit down, I am allowed to stand in the cockpit during landing. Herbal Stilnox, Yup. Stand, Stilnox from mexico. Comprar en línea Stilnox, comprar Stilnox baratos, Seatbelts are soooo commercial airline.



Once we taxi to our spot and shut down, Stilnox mg, I get a chance to sit in the pilots seat. All the major information is visible from the heads up display or HUD, Stilnox For Sale.


And even though the flight is over, you still have to do a walk around and make sure nothing broke.


I just want to express gratitude to John, Paul, Stuart, Tanesha, Jen, and the whole C-17 crew for allowing to fly with them. And an extra special thanks to Tim Harris and Amy Abbott for helping me get these awesome shots and allowing me to be apart of the crew for the weekend.


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Monday, June 18th, 2007

Mogadon For Sale, Well, wow. What a weekend. Purchase Mogadon for sale, Two air shows in two weekends, hundreds of miles of driving, 17.3 gigs of pictures, where can i buy cheapest Mogadon online, and 3, Mogadon street price, 145 pictures. But this past Saturday, for the first time ever, Mogadon interactions, I went from taking pictures to having my picture taken. Online buying Mogadon hcl, I became a part of the show. :) And it was cool, Mogadon For Sale.

A few days ago, my friend Willie, Mogadon from canada, the VP of Marketing at the Hiller Museum, Mogadon canada, mexico, india, who puts on the annual Vertical Challenge Helicopter Air Show, approached me and asked if I wanted a unique opportunity to get some interesting shots. And of course, order Mogadon from mexican pharmacy, I said yes. Is Mogadon addictive, Being the 'Official Photographer" for the event, I wanted to have the best images possible. So he asks if I'm afraid of heights, where can i buy Mogadon online, and I say no of course. Mogadon For Sale, "So how'd you like to hang from the bottom of a helicopter?"

It's 9am on Saturday, and I'm walking into a dark room. Cheap Mogadon, "Performers Only. Briefing in Progress" it says on the door. I walk in and take a seat, rx free Mogadon. Current weather, Buy Mogadon online no prescription, Frequencies for the Air Boss, discrete, what to do in case of comm failure, ordering Mogadon online, instructions on what to do in case there is a "knock it off" or airspace intrusion, Mogadon pharmacy, emergency hold points...yikes, what have I gotten myself into??. But I was already committed, Mogadon For Sale. We go through the schedule of events, buy Mogadon from canada. Engine starts, Taking Mogadon, take off to holding points, acts enter the box, etc, Mogadon schedule. 12:05pm Otto begin show. Mogadon dangers, I was flying with Roger Buis, otherwise known as Otto. Mogadon For Sale, He flies a Schweizer 300C helicopter, and is easily the best pilot of the show. It's the smallest helicopter out there, herbal Mogadon, but Otto is the most skilled and has one of the most challenging acts. Order Mogadon online c.o.d, He sets up some barrels and slaloms between them at 5 feet above the ground. And if that's not skills, then he works a Yo Yo, Mogadon over the counter. Ok, Mogadon images, I can barely do it with my hand and two feet firmly on the ground, let along flying a complicated machine. He has this 4 foot Yo Yo, picks it up with his skid and then launches to the skies, Mogadon For Sale. Impressive, Mogadon photos.

So I go to the helicopter for my briefing. Mogadon online cod, Suit up in my safety harness, put my flight suit on to cover it, and go over the act, generic Mogadon. Be dramatic, Buy Mogadon from mexico, large movements so the crowd can see you, make sure the hook is secured to the harness, thumbs up when you're ready, buy Mogadon online cod, and in case of an engine failure don't let the helicopter land on you. Mogadon For Sale, Um, wait a second. Mogadon use, Let me add this up. Me, harness, where can i cheapest Mogadon online, steel cable, Where can i find Mogadon online, falling helicopter. Um, yeah, buy generic Mogadon. Not a good combo. And of course there is the issue of the cable not detaching from the helicopter, me getting hit in the head with the cable as it lowers or is detached from the helo, and of course, that whole engine failure thing, Mogadon For Sale. Mogadon price, coupon, ;) Good thing my dad is in the audience watching me. And there is no shortage of photographers who will give my cameras a good home in case something happens to me. One final check, Mogadon duration, harness secure, My Mogadon experience, camera double strapped to my body so it doesn't fly off and cause an accident. Well, good to go, Mogadon cost. Mogadon For Sale, 12:10pm. I'm in front of the announcers stand and watching Otto twisting through the sky. Online Mogadon without a prescription, Pauline, Roger's beautiful wife and announcer, asks Otto, Mogadon no prescription, "Hey Otto. Mogadon forum, The Museum Photographer wants to know if he can come fly with you and get some crowd shot" Some great banter back and forth, and a little of me pleading for the crowds encouragment and help, and Otto tells me to come on out, buy cheap Mogadon no rx. Next think I know, I'm under this helicopter hovering 25 feet above me. The cable comes down, and I hook it on, Mogadon For Sale. Thumbs up to Otto and I'm whisked away. Flying through the skies. Twisting, turning, and taking pictures. What a thrill. Mogadon For Sale, Time suspended. Only a few minutes went by, but then the helicopter was lowering me to the ground. Unhook, and the cable fell. I then made my way up to the announcers stand and had a little back and forth. And then it was all over. Dad said the show was good, Mogadon For Sale. And that's all I needed to know.

Me asking the crowd to cheer and let me fly.


Up, up and away.


My view


Cables away!!!.


Speaking to Steve, the announcer about my experience.


Images courtesy of Rob Tabor and

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