Air & Space magazine cover from The Smithsonian Museum

Better late then never. On last month’s magazine shelves, you can find my image of a lone U-2 Dragon Lady banking over Northern California gracing the cover of Air & Space Magazine. If the name sounds familiar, but you can’t quite place it, it is the magazine of The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.┬á This was the first ever aviation magazine that I was given as a child, so I was extremely excited to have one of my images on the cover 30 years later. Click more to see pics from this air to air.

Here is the inside cover of the magazine. I love how they wrote up the caption. The tables were indeed turned. ­čÖé

Here are a few of my favorite┬áshots from this unique air to air. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer them as best as I could. ┬áIn the image below, my pilot Jon “Huggy” Huggin took us well above the straight and level flying U-2 and banked the T-38 so I can get a near top down shot of the Deuce.


One of the most unique aspects of the U-2 is it’s bicycle landing gear. Here is the main wheel coming down in flight.

Flying real loose formation off Huggy and I.

Our two ship formation turning base to final for Runway 15 at Beale Air Force Base (KBAB).

PINON, the callsign for the U-2 Dragon Lady does a low approach over the 12,000 foot runway at Beale. The shadow is of our T-38, callsign ROPER.

As the U-2 lands, the chase car is right behind it assisting the pilot with altitude calls.

A very happy photographer.




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