To the edge of space – Unadulterated Noise

Flying the U-2 “Dragon Lady” is a challenge at best. You treat her good, and she’ll act like a “Lady.” But let your attention slip just a little and that lady turns into a “Dragon.” And after a mission flying at the edge of space, one of the hardest parts still lies ahead; landing the Dragon Lady. With only two wheels, limited visibility due to wearing a space suit, and a plane that flies just above stall speed, landing is just as hard as flying it. But while you fly alone at 70,000 feet, when you come down, your life is in the hands of one of your fellow pilots in a Pontiac as he drives 100+ mph next to you and calls out how high you are above the ground. 10 feet…7…5…3…2…1. Contact. And like that you’re back on the ground.

And then as if that isn’t challenging enough, these Dragon Tamers have to do it in the pitch black of night.

Thanks to Walter Colby Productions, we will be sharing a rare peek into what it takes to send someone to the edge of space. From a checkup with the flight doc, to egress and parachute training, to an explosive decompression in a hyperbaric chamber, we will show what it takes to strap on the suit and become the highest person in the world.

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