To the edge of space – U-2 Flight Physical

To fly at the edge of space, not only do you have to be in top physical shape, but you have to realize the bigger the adventure, the greater the risk. Even though the technology of aircraft has improved over the years, the human body is still a fragile organism. Realizing this, the Docs at the 9th Medical Group, Beale AFB check and verify that the pilots are fit for the rigors of flying the U-2. The video below speaks about some of the hazards that pilots face at 13 miles above the earth.

Thanks to Walter Colby Productions, we will be sharing a rare peek into what it takes to send someone to the edge of space. From a checkup with the flight doc, to egress and parachute training, to an explosive decompression in a hyperbaric chamber, we will show what it takes to strap on the suit and become the highest person in the world.

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