If a picture says a thousand words, what does a video say?

Hello everyone! Well, a major announcement today for all the readers of the blog. We have just signed up on YouTube and are now gearing up to bring you a dynamic and first hand account inside aviation’s most unique stories.  While we will still offer world-class photography and personal accounts, these videos will add another dimension that a camera wont be able to share.  You can find us on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/HorizontalRainBlog So subscribe, tell your friends, coworkers, your sister and your mother too!  🙂  Videos featured on the YouTube channel will be embedded in the blog posts here as well.

And in honor of our first Video Post, here is the view from the back seat of an F-15E Strike Eagle as we do a break for landing at Mountain Home AFB, ID.  After finishing up our air to air photo mission with the Indian Air Force SU-27 Flanker, SNORT3, and F-15C from the 390th FS “Wild Boars”, and JABBA3 (F-15E from the 391st FS “Bold Tigers”) approach Runway 12 at Mountain Home AFB for the overhead break for landing.


“Mountain Home Tower, SNORT3, flight of 2 F-15’s request right break for landing Runway 12.”

“SNORT3 Flight, Mountain Home Tower, you are cleared for overhead, report abeam gear down.

We approach initial in a left echelon formation with SNORT3 in the lead just a few feet off our wingtip at 1,500′ and 300 KCAS ! This isn’t your momma’s Cessna after all! Once we are over the approach end of runway 12 at KMOU, SNORT3 snaps the stick to the right and breaks off from the formation. A few seconds later, we rolled into 80° of bank and perform a 4G turn while pulling the throttles back to idle. Gear and Flaps came down and our main gears kiss the runway. Mark “Buddy” Pauly, my amazing pilot held the nose up, aerodynamically braking our Eagle down the runway. A perfect landing and the end to an amazing flight.

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