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Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, With almost 52% of the world's surface and over 40 countries under his watchful eye, Admiral Timothy J. Diazepam without prescription, Keating is one busy guy. Yesterday, order Diazepam from mexican pharmacy, Purchase Diazepam, the Admiral took some time to speak with me and the DoD's Bloggers Rountable.


As commander of the United States Pacific Command, after Diazepam, Online Diazepam without a prescription, Adm. Keating is in charge of over 250, order Diazepam online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Diazepam online no prescription, 000 military and civilian personnel in the Pacific region, west the United States to India and all the land in between, Diazepam from canada.


PACOM is just one of 6 Commands that encompass the globe and their respective Commanders, such as Adm Keating, report directly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President of the United States, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. Diazepam dose, So to be able to get some 'face' time (ok, voice time really because it was a conference call) with such a rock star of the military world was pretty big, about Diazepam. Buy Diazepam without prescription, Enough so, that I actually lost a bit of sleep the night before, Diazepam alternatives. Herbal Diazepam, :)  Give me the pressure of shooting air to air out of the back seat of a fighter jet any day.

So I was up mulling over what I wanted to ask the Admiral as I would get one opportunity, where can i find Diazepam online. Knowing that PACOM is currently in the middle of exercise Cobra Gold Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, , a multi-national combined joint training exercise and humanitarian effort held throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, I wondered if I should ask something about that. Diazepam price, coupon, I also came up with "Can you please share with us some insight into the PACOM strategy regarding security in the Asia-Pacific region and whether major conflict in Asia-Pacific is inevitable." And eventually I consulted with my closest adviser's (the guys at work) and that thinktank came up with: "What is your favorite color?"  "Boxers or Briefs" and "What keeps you up at night?"  Ok, I really wanted to ask the first one, buy no prescription Diazepam online, Kjøpe Diazepam på nett, köpa Diazepam online, but ended up taking a liking to the latter.  More on that in a bit.


Partnership, doses Diazepam work, Cheap Diazepam no rx, readiness and presence. Three fundamentals in the newly revised Pacific Command strategy, where can i cheapest Diazepam online. Purchase Diazepam online, And after hearing the Admiral speak on some of the issue of the day, I am confident the Pacific is in good hands, Diazepam maximum dosage. As the Admiral put it "We're working hard to reduce everyone's susceptibility to violent extremism.  That's our overarching mission right now.  We want to deter military aggression, should anyone have notions to conduct those sort of operations.  We want to deter adversaries from using weapons of mass destruction." And from the sounds of it, the countries in the AOR (Area of Responsibility) want to "be part of the coalition of the committed, not just part of the coalition of the willing."

One of the concerns in this region is the build up of the Chinese military, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. Diazepam treatment, And Adm. Keating is watching it with a close eye, Diazepam australia, uk, us, usa. Online buy Diazepam without a prescription, "When I talk to Chinese military and diplomatic leaders about their -- the growth of their military, they come back and say to me all they want to do is protect that which is theirs.  That's fair enough; we certainly understand that as a strategic goal.  We share that as a strategic goal, Diazepam from mexico. Cheap Diazepam, We are encouraging the Chinese to operate with us with increasing frequency and with increasing intensity, and we want them to understand that there is plenty of area for us to cooperate so as to develop better understanding between their military forces and ours, buying Diazepam online over the counter. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, And we would encourage them to help us achieve our goals of prosperity and stability throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  I think we're making progress, albeit gradual. Diazepam reviews, We are, of course, buy cheap Diazepam, Fast shipping Diazepam, watching closely the development of Chinese submarine technology.  We're keeping very close -- a very close eye on both their numbers -- their quantity and their quality.  Their quantity is increasing gradually; their quality is not insignificant.  We enjoy a dramatic technological advantage over all of the countries who have submarines in our AOR.  And there are over 250 submarines on a given day in the area of responsibility.  Sixty-some of those are PLA Navy submarines.
We watch them carefully.  They are operating with increased frequency -- they, order Diazepam from United States pharmacy, Diazepam long term, the Chinese submarines.  They're going a little bit further out than their coastal waters occasionally.  We're aware of their movements, shall I say, buy Diazepam from mexico, Diazepam for sale, and we're encouraging responsible behavior by the Chinese military forces writ large, including their submarines.  "


Speaking of the Chinese, Diazepam pharmacy, Buy Diazepam from canada, some of you may have heard the internet rumors of a Chinese submarine surfacing near an American aircraft carrier unannounced. Well, online buying Diazepam, Diazepam images, the Admiral shed some light on this previously unheard of situation (submarines don't 'just' pop up and say hi) and it was great to hear straight from the horses mouth what really happened.

"We know what submarine it was.  It (the aircraft carrier) was (the) USS Kitty Hawk.  They were -- Kitty Hawk was in a very low defensive posture, Diazepam no prescription, if you will.  And as I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of time out there in command of the Kitty Hawk Battle Group, so I'm -- (chuckles) -- fairly fluent in the tactics that the battle group commander was using, and I know the guy who was there at the time.

...anti-submarine technology is very demanding.  The Pacific is quite big.  There are parts of the Pacific that are relatively conducive to effective anti-submarine warfare; there are other parts that are noisy and crowded and shallow.  So it kind -- you know, it's one of those "it depends" answers, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription.
If we were in a period of increased tension, the battle group commanders would deploy various assets, use various technology, and we would heighten our intelligence-gathering systems so as to present a much more formidable challenge to anybody who wanted to get inside, whether in the air, land, or on sea, or under the sea.  So the fact that a submarine got within about -- well, inside 10 miles to the Kitty Hawk -- yeah, we'd rather they didn't.  The submarine popped up as if to say -- we think they may have been as surprised as we were.  (Chuckles.)  Maybe not, but maybe.  Anyway, if it's a situation where we are paying closer attention, we would be conducting ourselves in a much different manner than the Kitty Hawk was that day.  "

And for those readers that wonder if that is a breakdown in our anti-submarine warfare tactics..." I have high confidence in our ASW capability.  I have high confidence in the men who man our submarines.  And I have high confidence in the intelligence-gathering apparatus that we use to collect all sorts of information on all of the militaries in -- well, I better be careful about that.  We're not -- yeah -- I have high confidence in our submarine technology.  Yes, sir, I do. "

And back to what keeps the Admiral up at night.  "Jet lag.  I say that somewhat tongue in cheek.  We returned from Washington -- from the East Coast Monday -- what's today?  Wednesday -- Monday evening after three or four days there with meetings with members of President Obama's administration, our first opportunity to meet with them, up to and including the secretary of State.  Then we're flying back tonight back to the East Coast for meetings in the Pentagon to discuss generally budget concerns.
So we are -- as I -- you know, you can do the math as well as we. We've got a number of time zones in our AOR.  And for us to get out there and meet the folks with whom we are working, you just have to get in the airplane and go.  That's a little bit of a kind of offhand answer. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, A direct answer is there aren't many things in our AOR that keep me awake at night.  I sleep pretty soundly because of the remarkable efforts of those 250,000 plus men and women in uniform and civilians who support us, the close relationships we enjoy with the other militaries in the region, the increasingly healthy dialogue we share with the governments -- not just ministries of defense, but ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of treasury, commerce, energy -- for the countries in our AOR and the very powerful support we enjoy from past and present administrations.  So nothing keeps me awake at night.  There are areas we watch a little more closely than others -- the India-Pakistan border, North, South Korea.  We talk a little bit about what's going on in the Philippines, so there are areas that we -- and of course, the constant attention we pay to the China-Taiwan -- the Taiwan Strait.
But all of those are relatively tranquil today.  And we're doing our best to keep them that way."


But while the sub stories were cool, the high light for me was hearing about the Admirals experience with Facebook.

"I would tell you that I've just celebrated my 60th birthday, and that may be as much an indicator as you need to show you how somewhat pterodactyl-like I might be in working with Jeff Breslau on these new media.  But they're -- our guys and girls are doing their level best to keep me abreast of the developments, such as the one in which we're participating this morning.    We have -- I have a Facebook page.  I don't really know quite how it serves the purpose of strategic communications for the Pacific Command, but I'm (encouraged ?) that it's a useful asset."

LOL. I wonder if the Admiral would write on the wall of the Chinese leadership asking if they wanna meet up for lunch.

But on a serious note, it's quite impressive how PACOM has embraced the use of "Social Media" to communicate with the average person. Everyday PACOM is doing something to contribute to the well being of the Pacific and it's partners, so this is just another way for them to share it with the world; one Poke at a time, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. :)

PACOM on Facebook

PACOM on YouTube

PACOM on Flickr

PACOM on MySpace

and of course, they have their own PACOM Blog!!. How cool is that?!??. :)

It truly was an honor to speak with Admiral Keating yesterday. He's a great guy and those wonderful men and women serving under him are really lucky to have him watching out for their well being.

(All images courtesy of PACOM's website).

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Monday, February 9th, 2009

Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, With the scream of jets and the skies over Vegas filled with aircraft, it can only mean one thing!  It's Red Flag time again.


Approx 4 times a year one of the largest gathering of aircraft takes place to wage a simulated war over the vast ranges in Nevada, Diflucan steet value. Taking Diflucan,



Nearly unlimited airspace allows dozens and dozens of fighters, bombers, Diflucan brand name, Canada, mexico, india, electronic surveillance, tankers, Diflucan online cod, Discount Diflucan, transport, combat search and rescue aircraft to fly realistic mission to train them fight anywhere in the world and against any air force, Diflucan over the counter. Is Diflucan safe,



This Flag brought out aircraft from across the United States Air Force as well as from the Royal Air Force.


During one of the base hosted media days, Diflucan wiki, Diflucan schedule, nearly a hundred photographers from around the world were bussed inbetween the runways at Nellis AFB during the launch cycle of the day mission.



Standing at 150' from the edge of the runway while over 60 aircraft took off was enough to put a smile on even the most seasoned aviation photographer, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription.



And as if that wasn't special enough, Diflucan samples, Diflucan pics, after the lauch we were allowed access in the EOR (End Of Runway) to be up close and personal for the aircraft landing.




A very special thanks to Mr, Diflucan use. Diflucan price, Mike Estrada and the PA staff at Nellis AFB for allowing us this unprecedented access.


Red Flag participants
Jan, real brand Diflucan online. Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, 26 - Feb. Buy Diflucan online cod, 6, 2009

Red Air
F-16 and F-15, Diflucan pharmacy, Order Diflucan from United States pharmacy, 64th and 65th Aggressor Squadrons, Nellis AFB, purchase Diflucan for sale, Diflucan wiki, Nev.
F-16, generic Diflucan, Online buying Diflucan hcl, NAS Fallon, Nev, ordering Diflucan online. Real brand Diflucan online, Blue Air
F-22, Elmendorf AFB, Diflucan from canadian pharmacy, Buy Diflucan online cod, Alaska

B-1B, Ellsworth AFB, Diflucan no prescription, Where can i cheapest Diflucan online, S.D.
F-15E, Diflucan samples, Diflucan mg, Seymour-Johnson AFB, N.C, Diflucan use.
B-2, Whiteman AFB, Mo, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription. Comprar en línea Diflucan, comprar Diflucan baratos, GR-9, United Kingdom (Ally)
F-16CM, Diflucan cost, Diflucan blogs, Edwards AFB, Calif, order Diflucan no prescription. Diflucan street price, Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
F-16, Shaw AFB, order Diflucan from mexican pharmacy, Diflucan recreational, S.C.

Command, buy Diflucan from canada, Cheap Diflucan, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
E-3, Tinker AFB, Okla.
E-3, RAF Waddington (Ally)
E-8, Robins AFB, Ga. Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, RQ-1, Creech AFB, Nev.
RC-135, Offutt AFB, Neb.
RQ-4, Beale AFB, Calif.
U-2, Beale AFB

Combat Search and Rescue
MH-60, NAS North Island, Calif.

Aerial Refueling
KC-135, Fairchild AFB, Wash.
KC-135, Grand Forks AFB, N.D.
KC-135, Seymour-Johnson AFB (AF Reserve)
KC-10, Travis AFB, Calif.

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