Sky High in Chile – Day 0

Hello everyone! Well, here I am in the Combined Bachelors Quarters at NAS JRB Fort Worth. Months of planning and waiting, and my Chilean adventure with the US Air Force has begun. For those of you that don’t know, I am headed to Santiago, Chile for 2 weeks to cover the FIDAE Air Expo and the US Air Force / Chilean Air Force NEWEN Exercise.


After staying up all night packing, I woke up at 0530 California time and jumped in my friend’s Civic and off we went to the airport. Packing was quite an event as I have such a diverse set of events to attend in Chile; from Tanker Refueling flights to dinner with high ranking government officials. So flip flops, jeans, tshirts to slacks, ties and suits, it all went into the bag. I have more shoes with me then Imelda Marcos! But after a long flight, I made it to DFW. Luckily I met a nice couple on the plane who helped pass the time quickly. But once I got there, I had to wait for the AF Bus to come and pick us up. I tracked down my uber cool Public Affairs escorts, who are flying down with me, and we waited the 3 hours together for the bus to show up. And after picking up some F-15 aircraft maintainers who flew in from Mountain Home AFB, ID, we were on our way to NAS JRB Fort Worth.

Then I checked into the Combined Bachelors Quarters and got the room to my suite. It’s really nice here! And it’s got free WiFi. 🙂 Drop the bags and it was off to a quick dinner in our fancy Air Force Van.


Yeah! Definitely not the car you wanna go cruising in. But it’s a set of wheels and I need to get some snacks for the flight and some batteries.

Speaking of flights, I’ve got to be up at 0230 local to do a “Bag Drag” and then depart on the KC-135 to Santiago.. 🙁 Our package of KC-135’s, F-16’s, and F-15’s will then being our 10 hour flight to South America! So on that note, I’m signing off for the night and will report to you soon in Chile!!


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